endings and beginnings

before i left, these awesome girls threw me a going-away party, filled with delishhh treats and cookies everyone could decorate themselves. 

my amazing friends who came to play ping-pong and phase 10, and eat christmas cookies with me :)
since i've been home, my days have been pretty random. christie came over and helped me unpack on thursday, moriah came over on friday, saturday was raking my yard with my amazing sister....and on saturday night, devin and i had a bonfire in our yard! 

it was realllllyyyy impressive how fast he had a huuge pile of burning logs that warmed my face in the 22 degree weather. we sat on paint-thinner buckets around the firepit, holding ungloved hands and talking about our future together. this is such an exciting stage--being in transition and having a whole life together ahead of you. :)

you can't tell, but our fire WAS blazin. 

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