leaving, and winter ball

in order to explain why winter ball was such a big deal, i should probably mention something pretty depressing:
with alot of tears and many hours of praying, i have decided to transfer from my beloved new england college next semester. i'm getting married in june, so i'd have to leave at the end of the schoolyear anyway, but i decided to transfer to arcadia university next semester because...
1) i got into the honors program
2) honors program=mucho scholarship
3) arcadia accepted all my college credits (even the ones for my major!!), but they will only accept up to a certain amount of major credits. if i stayed in new england next semester, i would be taking all major classes....which then wouldn't transfer.
4) i cannot leave my fiance with the full responsibility of fixing up (and decorating?!) our house in preparation for moving after we get married. we're a team, and it just wouldn't be fair.

so, these are my last few days with my incredible  friends here, which makes winter ball that much more important to me--i got to spend the night with my favorite people, as well as tear it up on the dance floor (which is really a joke, if you've ever seen me dance).

my suite, even though sammie didn't come back this year (she's studying music in nashville, but came to visit!!!!) and i'll be leaving after this semester.

megan and i <3

kelly, megananna, and me: field hockey besties
ah ha, typical.

dancin the night awayyyy

the group!

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