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Joy to the's December and I'm drinking peppermint mocha coffee and let's talk about all things festive! I would be 100% ok with worship services where you sing ONLY Christmas carols, every Sunday in December. All I want is to belt out the classic carols with the old people in pews around me doing their harmonies. (Do old people sing hymns in harmonies at your church? Is this just an old person thing? ANYWAY! I digress. Let's blame the coffee I can't stop sipping.)

I have not done ONE festive thing with my little ones besides decorating our tree, but that is going to change! We're going to make memories decorating gingerbread cookies (shoutout to my mother-in-law who gave me a kit of PREMADE gingerbread man cookies WITH DECORATING SUPPLIES. She wins all the points!!). I also want to take them to see some lights, act out Matthew & Luke's telling of Jesus' birth story, and do more Christmas crafts. Are you doing festive stuff too? (Share your suggestions in the comments!)

And now, what I've been currently...

Little things to my toddlers because their grandparents go HARDDD with big gifts. I'm also on the hunt for ankle boots for my ultra-trendy college student sister. What are your faves?!

Nothing, so far. But on my list are chocolate covered pretzels and these mint cookie cups!

Along with Homestead Collective's Christmas album. It's just $5 on iTunes (and is on Spotify) and is the acoustic Christmas album I've ALWAYS wanted to hear. It's reverent, festive, well-done, and the musicians are people I know in real life! (My brother was in a band with them, and they're wildly talented.)

Pictures of Emma from her first year to my great-aunt who doesn't "do the Internet." We are NOT mailing matchy-outfit family Christmas photo cards. I'm not opposed, but we've just never gotten ourselves together enough to do that. (Are you a Christmas-card-mailer?)

DA TREEEE. And hopefully other rooms! I am hoping to share our "Christmas decor home tour" soon, mostly because I like to look back at my old Christmas home tour posts and LAUGH at the dumb crap I decorated with in years past (2017, 2015, 2014). One year, I literally had a Christmas cactus. I'm not even joking. 

Should I be sorry for the overuse of caps in this post? Probably.

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What festive things have you been up to currently?

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