Christmas at the Hood House // 2017

I've documented our Christmas decorations in years past, so I wanted to share what our little space looks like this year. It's fun to see how my decorating style and room layout has changed over time(...and it helps that we aren't broke newlyweds, though we still are going all minimalist with the amount of decor ðŸ˜‰  ). This year we added brand new stockings, hung on a remnant from Devin's parents' new fence and a new advent calendar (not pictured #oops). 

We stuck wtih our our tradition of getting a tree Thanksgiving weekend. If I'm paying $30 for a real tree, YOU BETTER BELIEVE I'm getting my money's worth and will have it up for as long as socially acceptable. HOWEVER. The place we got it totally sold us a tree from last year because it's already super dead--seriously, it's turning brown--and I've kept it watered!

Aiden helped put up our Christmas tree...and by helped I mean he stood on the step ladder with Devin while Devin anchored the tree to the wall so that the little guy couldn't tip it over. Safety first, says the carpenter husband. Aiden has also helped take down all the Christmas decorations he can reach over the past few weeks. Our tree is now mostly decorated above his reach. ðŸ˜‰ 

We will also keep up our tradition of reading the birth of Jesus in Luke on Christmas morning...when the day holds such an excitement about opening and giving gifts, re-reading that story keeps us centered on what the purpose of the day is. Aiden loves pointing to Jesus in his little Bible and saying "BABY! KEES-MAS!" so hopefully he'll get it more and more as he gets older. 

Also, please note that a wooden nativity scene within a toddler's reach will never stay all set up. It's a proven fact, as evidenced below. 

Here's what our house looked like for Christmas in 2014, 2015, & 2016

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