christmas at the hood house

...the hood house being our house. i'll never get tired of having such a great last name :)

we decorated for christmas this past weekend, and here are a few glimpses into the seasonal decorations at our place.

the joy ornament is one of my favorites--it perfectly captures what this season is about. the deep, fulfilling joy of celebrating a promise coming true after hundreds of years!

that cactus was a birthday present from my friend liz, made christmasy by that gaudy bow, and it now is on our dining room table. the other decorations i bought from thrift stores when we had only been married 5 months and were about to celebrate our first christmas. the circular tree ring sitting on the table is part of the trunk of our FIRST christmas tree, which devin wrote "julie and devin's first christmast" on. 

check back tomorrow for some decorating/picture-taking fails, featuring jake

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  1. We kept a slice of our first Christmas tree too!! Love that cactus! :)