when things don't go as planned // christmas-picture fails

jake refused to cooperate in our christmas-picture-taking. these are only 4 highlights, but there were a ton more. he kept not looking at the camera, or he'd jump up and move just when the timer went off...

and it reminded me of how things don't always work out the way we planned. 

for example...

i planned to be an english teacher (and i am really, really, REALLY happy to be teaching spanish instead!). we thought we'd have more money saved now that we're both working full-time, but fixing a house is expensive! the plan wasn't to get food poisoning this past week (PSA: REFRIGERATE MEATBALLS AND DON'T ASSUME THEY ARE OK HOURS AFTER BEING OUT) and miss work, thus throwing off my plan to help my students prepare for their midterm next week!

but Jesus came to throw off our plans and to guide us to his plan: his plan to redeem us from a life of guilt and forever separated from him, his plan to use us on this adventure of following him! i'm so thankful he didn't let us wallow in misery, but that he came to earth and offers salvation--and i'm really glad he shook up my plans and called me to follow him. 


  1. SO true. My pictures look like this sometimes, and my life looks like this sometimes! :) Thankful for a God who doesn't require perfection!

  2. Found this post through the "Sharing Christmas" link-up...such a good connection that you made! Also, for whatever reason, I really enjoy seeing other people's photo out-takes. I think those tend to be even better than the good versions. (Though, granted, you can't really put an outtake on a Christmas card.)