christmas break goals 2014

TODAY IS MY FIRST DAY OF CHRISTMAS BREAK! sorry i yelled. i'm just so excited.

i finished my first semester of teaching, and it was soooo busy (especially this past week as i finished creating/proctoring midterms. which have yet to be graded. see below). for the next two weeks, i plan on being super productive and how better to be productive than to start with a list. and all my type-a friends said amen. 

1. finish grading the midterms. i got the multiple choice almost done before break, but now i have to grade all the short answer stuff. (¿acabas de comer almuerzo? sí/no, acabo de comer...)

2. organize our storage closet upstairs. we have approximately 20932 winter items that need to be sorted and donated. 

3. clean out my office, which i've done before but it needs to be done again! you don't need laundry baskets full of bathrobes and cardboard boxes of DVDs on the ground set up like a minefield. you just don't. 

4. exercise e v e r y  d a y. 

5. read a whole book. possibly in spanish. (even though being an english major killed my love for reading i know i still need to...)

6. practice the piano and relearn some old songs (on sheet music! with notes!) so my brain doesn't turn to mush and i don't regress too far in music-reading ability. 

and last but not least, in this list that isn't a round number...

7. finish my guest-post for my wonderful, internationally-traveling friend sarah, whose blog you can find here

do you get time off for christmas? what are some of your december goals?

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