mane message headbands: my new favorite

a few weeks ago, i discovered mane message and immediately realized this company was perfect for me. its a small business that is really committed to customer service, which i found out right away after adding and deliberating and removing and re-adding things to my cart (#indecisive). when i had a few questions, their customer service rep emailed me back right away, and i finally settled on the marilyn headbands.

//top right and logo photos taken are from here

definitely the right choice! i wore one of the headbands when i went on a christmas shopping marathon, and the headband did NOT give me one of those headband-headaches. (although the crowds and the tinny christmas music sure did.)

sidenote: devin and i first met in 9th grade english class, and what he remembered me for were my headbands. and being a teacher's pet. :)

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