diy holiday glitter nails

merry christmas eve eve! today i'm sharing a suuuuper easy way to make your nails festive for christmas. 

you need:
glitter (mine is from the craft section at the dollar store)
clear nail polish
any other nail polish (for the rest of your nails)

step 1:
paint your nails and leave one nail out to be the accent nail.

step 2:
paint your accent nail with clear nail polish. quickly sprinkle glitter onto your nail before the clear polish dries.

step 3:
when the clear polish is dry, apply a top coat of clear so that the glitter stays.

aaaand you're done. really labor-intensive, right? ;) my only insider tip is that you don't want TOO much glitter on your finger, or else only the bottom layer of glitter will stick. also, you can gently pat down any glitter that isn't laying flat (if you bought the not-super-finely-ground kind. which i didn't. because i went to the dollar store.)

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