Playroom Organization

This might be a total joke if you've seen my kids' rooms and the playroom, because those rooms are USUALLY messy. The toys are everywhere, totally mixed up. (Seriously! See below for what the playroom generally looks like before we clean.) But those few days when the kids clean up with me, there is a specific system that helps them know where things need to go. Plus, with the holidays right around the corner, it's a great time to sort through what we have and what can be given away. 

Before we jump in, let me admit that this is my least-often shown corner of my house. It's not cute or trendy, because I'll be the first to admit: we have too many toys. But while simplicity might not be my strong suit (thanks, two sets of local grandparents!), there are a few things I've learned from mom friends about how to store the toys you have. 

How to organize your playroom and kids' toys: 

Step 1:
Group like toys together. Balls, all together. Dolls, together. Action figures/army guys/super heroes, all together. 

Step 2: 
Get bins of a variety of shape. We use the Ikea Kallax system and the Ikea Trofast set because you can choose what size of bins. 

Step 3: 
Label your bins with pictures! I haven't written on our fabric bins, but our plastic ones? YES. Since my kids can't read yet, I drew a little picture of the toy on the outside of the bin so that they can clean up and find the right bins on their own. 

Step 4: 
Practice cleaning up alongside your kids. I tell Emma, "Can you find all the dollhouse pieces and put them in THIS bin?" and give her gentle reminders if she forgets what she's looking for. Meanwhile, I'll ask Aiden to collect all the Legos and put them in another bin. 

How do you keep toys (or your own things!) organized in your space? 

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