Project Playhouse

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All the playgrounds around us have been closed for 9+ weeks. (Whaddup, quarantine life in PA). And my husband was laid off for way longer than his carpenter self would like! Usually when he gets laid off in the winter because there are less job sites, he does side projects for people in their houses (he can literally renovate anything!), but then he couldn't even do that. So to keep from going stir-crazy, he started building the kids a playhouse.

Here was our inspiration.

That we did not realize was only like 10-foot tall.

Which is partly why ours is a full two stories. Whoops.

Need some inside activities for quarantine rainy days? Check out this post.

I've been sharing the playhouse progress on Instagram stories (which you can see here), and maybe you saw the playhouse in a mostly-finished/slide-less state in our Easter 2020 photos from last month. This post has links to all the little details we love, and below are some snapshots of how Devin built it!

A few tips, if you are in the business of creating your own playhouse: A telescopeThese handles for the top of a ladder. A little door (with a string attached to the latch in case your littles are short and can't reach the latch). Flower boxes. Real flowers so you aren't waiting 100 weeks for your marigolds-planted-from-seed-in-old-milk-jugs to bloom. A chalk wall. Any type of slide. (Perhaps a 7-foot tall slide!)


We completely renovated our first house and have done zerooo projects to this house, so I feel like I need to document the outside things we (ok ok FINE, just Devin) have done.


Are you doing any quarantine projects? What outside things are you loving?

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