Faith-inspiring Favorites for Kids

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How can I start conversations with my kids about things that really matter? How do I help my toddlers understand God's grace? I find myself wondering this often. I don't always have answers for Aiden's questions about why the Philistines didn't want to follow God and that's why David was fighting Goliath. And while I really want to teach them the Bible, I can easily get caught up in the day-to-day dishes/laundry/get the kids outside to play. That's why having entertaining things that are also spiritually deep is so helpful!

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Let's just pause for a second: I'm definitely not a Christian hermit (Emma's hair will never reach her waist and my kids will go to public school! 😉). Aiden and Emma regularly start conversations about the plot points of Moana and Frozen II, and we read lots of random fun books (I may or may not have Click Clack Moo memorized!). BUT.  alongside the fun, I want my kids to enjoy things that talk about God and help them grow in their understanding of him. 

With this goal, I have come up with a list of tried-and-true recommendations that have helped me engage my kids around God, his Word, and how to live for him. 

Tools to help teach your kids the gospel: 
  1. Little Image-Bearers (brand new show!), season one. My blog friend Abbey and her husband have created this show that teaches young kids about who God is, how he made us, and more! It's a little slower-paced than the Disney+ movies my kids are used to, but Emma (and I!!) honestly loved it. There's actual verses, fun visits with painters and potters, puppets, etc. Get the DVD or stream it online!
  2. The Jesus Storybook Bible: a picture book Bible that cohesively brings every Bible story back to Jesus. 

  3. The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross: though I'm not thrilled with the illustration and layout of the book, the message is clear: Jesus came to save us. 

  4. Good News! God Made Me: This is a beautiful, racially diverse rhyming board book is centered around Psalm 139 I am fearfully and wonderfully made. (Pictured below)

  5. In Christ Alone (song): I sing this to the kids before they go to sleep each night, and Emma has the whole thing memorized now. It encapsulates the whole story of Jesus coming as a baby and dying for us so we can live for him.....all packed into one song. 

  6. NIrV Bible: Devin still had this Bible from when he was growing up, which makes it even more special to read to the kids from it. My kids have memorized a long list of verses from this version, because it's close to the NIV (my personal favorite translation!) and uses easy-to-understand words for them. 

  7. Daily prayer time as a family: For us, this is part of our routine and it models for our kids how we speak to God, as well as gives them a chance to practice thanking God for things. 

  8. This is the Gospel: Another book that beautifully centralizes why we need God's grace with easy to understand phrases and real verses on every page. 


What things are helping you grow in your faith these days? And did any of you ever watch The Donut Man as a kid?! It was my parents' go-to for me and my siblings!

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