Happy Birthday, Devin

Welcome to 28, Devin!

You're the perfect balance of strict and fun in parenting. Emma runs to greet you when you get home from work, but Aiden and Emma know you're the one who won't let them get away with things (like whining or complaining!). You're even good with babies, which is a huge deal. You change just as many diapers as I do when you're home, and you're incredible at keeping Riley happy on your lap so I can eat my dinner without a mildly upset baby in my arms. (If that's not true love, what is?!)

You give me a break to go on a walk or wander through Target while easily keeping 3 kids happy at home. You are still a better cook than I am. You encourage me in my hobbies (even if you do complain about blog pics 😉)

You're creative, smart, and hardworking (exhibit A: the playhouse, and exhibit B: you spent part of Memorial Day Weekend fixing the mold issue in our bathroom). You could build a better chair than Ron Swanson himself....and actually, you check every box on the Swanson pyramid of greatness except for buffets (ew).

So yeah, you're the greatest.

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