Getting Ready for Cozy Holidays

*This post is sponsored by Iffei Official, and I genuinely love this company and what they make! Affiliate links included.

Normally I'm a strict no-Christmas-before-Thanksgiving type of girl because I want to keep gratitude front and center for as long as we can, leading up to Thanksgiving! But this has been a weird year and (in case Pennsylvania has another full-on shut down!) I've even started Christmas shopping. WHICH IS SOMETHING I NEVER DO IN NOVEMBER. 

This year, our holidays might look different than we had hoped: some people will have giant gatherings and not think anything of it, and others might spend the day alone. Whichever side you fall on, you can still get ready for being cozy this Christmas season, even if it wasn't the way you expected it to look. 

Last year, I was so excited for my first set of Iffei Christmas pajamas and they were my Aiden and Emma's FAVORITES the whole winter long. (Check out that post here.) The quality is incredible and both kids' PJ's still look great even though they were worn to death last tears or holes at ALL! And, because I sized up last year, Aiden and Emma can both wear the last year's pajamas again this year. But poor Riley would have been left out!

So this year we got another set! They are just as warm and cozy as last year's, since these aren't 100% cotton pajamas that will shrink in the wash or get weirdly stretched out. The poly-blend is so soft! Iffei also sells up to size 10-11 in kids sizes, so we'll be set for shopping with them for years to come. 

I've loved Iffei's bathing suits (here and here), and their family pajamas are just as great. 

We ordered this pair of pajamas you see in photos, but I also was really into this pair and this pair! See their whole collection here (most of which ship free with Amazon Prime!). 

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What cozy things are you planning for this year's holiday season? 

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