Currently | November 2020

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Happy November! It's only Wednesday but voting yesterday made the week feel really big. (Can you describe a week as "really big?" Hmmm. Let's move on.) All October, I was LOVING the gorgeous fall leaves here in Pennsylvania, and now that it's November I'm loving the crisp air and the season of gratitude!

I'm jumping in with Anne on my favorite link-up, because it's so fun to look back and see what my Novembers looked like in years past: 
2019 (super pregnant with Riley | 2018 (crockpot soups!) | 2017  (newborn Emma!) | 2016 (Etsy shop!)
Currently I have been...

Being outside, exploring local trails with my kids. It's been our favorite activity to do (masked with friends OR maskless on our own) and I have found so many kid-friendly, beautiful wooded trails and creekside walking paths to do with them during the day. 

More books to read from the library! I finished Giver of Stars by Moyes, Where the Crawdads Sing by Owens, and am almost done Enlightenment of Bees by Linden. What should I read next?

Lasagna. It's the dish everyone can seem to whip up and yet every single time I've tried, something is off. I followed a recipe TO A TEE and it still came out kind of soupy-looking. Tasted fine, but looked like a mess. (Do you have a recipe you trust?! Any tips?!)

As many socially distant hangouts as I can! (Am I allowed to say that?) I've walked my former college campus with a friend, I've hosted bonfires, I've done zoo trips with's been great to finally see people a little more regularly as we can wear masks and be outside!

This Old Navy sweater (which I am wearing in my last post about savory air-fryer pumpkin seeds) and my Sperry fleece-lined rainboots on chilly, damp days. They are so easy to slip on, they are 100% waterproof AND they are warm. 

What have you been up to currently? 

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