Currently // November 2017

**unrelated picture of Emma after her first bath. She and her chubby self are my favorite.  

I am SO excited to be co-hosting my all-time favorite link-up with Anne from In Residence! Here's what I've been up to currently:

Realizing that I'm not as good at multi-tasking as I thought. As I type this, I'm trying to hold a pacifier in a newborn's mouth...Typing and paci-holding is not as easy as it sounds. Trying to help a toddler get breakfast while nursing a baby? Also difficult.

Stirring a creamy chicken + potato soup that my mother-in-law made us when we brought Emma home from the hospital. It's loaded with beans and vegetables, and you (or me, or any other veggie-loathing adult) wouldn't even know it. Recipe coming soon ;)

Appreciating fall scarves (I know, I'm every girl ever checking things off of the fall-to-do list...or maybe scarves aren't a thing anymore? In which case one of you should kindly tell me in the comments so that I'm not less of an awkward 20-something who can't keep up with trends......)

Investigating how one goes about replanting succulents and trying to get them to grow back. All suggestions welcome.

Following along with Jenn from What You Make It blog's new make-up course! Sign up to join the email course here...I can't wait to see what she has to say about making healthy, ethical make-up choices (since up til now my beauty routine was firmly based on buying things only on sale!).

And now, to the link-up! What are you currently up to? Add your post and comment on a few others!

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