Is It Even Fall If You Don't........

Hello, fall.

There are unraked, crunchy leaves on the sidewalk because Lord knows your neighbors can't keep up with all the dead, falling foliage, and your current body heat is 50% from your mustard-colored, chunky-knit sweater and 50% from the pumpkin-flavored coffee that you overpaid for at a big chain coffee shop.

We welcome you with open, sweater-clad arms and hearts that are full (and/or clogged from eating too many pumpkin spice donuts).

This is not a fall bucket list.

This is a list of things that are obligatory once September hits.

Is it even fall if you don't...

  • 1. Document your pumpkin-spice beverage on Instagram.
  • 2. Overpay for apples that you picked yourself.
  • 3. Spend a significant amount of time sniffing candles labeled "sweater weather" and "give thanks."
  • 4. Question how candles ended up with such names since neither of those titles describe particular scents.
  • 5. Shamelessly pose holding a pumpkin while strangers pick out their own large, brightly colored gourds.
  • 6. Add soup to this week's meal plan anywhere between 1 and 5 times OR order soup from Panera.
  • 7. Have a bonfire the minute the weather permits (and here in Philly it's been 80 degrees up til this past week soooooo.......).
  • 8. Describe the air as "cool" and "crisp."
  • 9. Take a toddler (your own or a borrowed one from a friend) on a hayride.
  • 10. Post the stereotypical fall foliage photos in a blog post. ðŸ˜‰   What you're looking at here is Pennsylvania's lame attempt at fall foliage in October (we have all those 80-degree days to thank for everything being green instead of bright red and orange...). 

Make sure to read these sarcasm-free fall-related posts, like the best DIY fire pit and this curry squash soup recipe. 

Actually, I can't promise there isn't sarcasm in those, too. I didn't re-read them before adding the links. ðŸ˜‰

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