Currently // November 2016

Last week I shared about concerts and married life, but I feel like lots of my life lately has been trying to stay afloat as a stay-at-home-mom. Thankfully, God is gracious and has given me such a kind group of friends and family that I've been able to stave off the self-pity (and mild bouts of loneliness, because, hello, 9-month-old Aiden hasn't quite mastered all the necessary conversation skills.) Also, the past few weeks of feeling discouraged has made me way better about reading my Bible every day. So that's a plus. 😉  Besides laundry+dishes+fall walks+dinner prep, this is what I've been up to currently.

Discovering: that this white girl can cook with curry! I made curried chicken & veggies (with naan! and rice!) for a family dinner recently, but I really want to try this curried soup. Admittedly, my attempts to use curry are not nearly as authentic as the legit Indian food that Indian friends have made me. (But you gotta start somewhere, right?)

Celebrating: mundane moments (like walking to get free coffee from Dunks last week thanks to an Eagles win!) and big moments (like when a friend starts house-hunting or gets a new job!).

Starting: new projects with Wild Cedar Co. I shared on Instagram that we're going to be listing round signs soon, but the story behind that is me learning to use a biscuit joiner and glue boards together. Much more labor-intensive (READ: FUNNNN!!) than just painting/staining one little piece of wood.

Wearing: this army-green jacket! It's been added to my arsenal of ripped jeans, scarves, and sweaters. Which is what I usually wear. All fall and all winter.

Googling: baby sleep training. Aiden has been waking up a few times a night for over a month now. Send help. Or coffee. Or curry. Separately. I don't want curried coffee. That's not a thing.

Tomorrow I'm link-ing up with Ann & Catherine for the Currently link-up.

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