Things I Love/Hate About Concerts

As I'm sure you've gathered by now that I love Relient K: I wrote about seeing them in 2014 in Philly, they were a major part of this Christmas playlist, and I talked about their newest album. Aaaaand, I got to see Relient K again in concert this past Tuesday with some friends! 

Let's talk about the amazing and the less-than-amazing aspects to attending a concert, shall we?  Turn on your favorite CD (jk, no one listens to CDs) from the comfort of your own couch and picture me standing in the freezing cold in line to go see a band perform live.  

Because there's just something about that live music. 

Things I especially don't like about concerts:
1. Middle of the week late nights. Seriously. Who has a concert on a Tuesday night?!

2. Standing in the cold before the doors open. Before you think I'm THAT much of a die-hard, this was an accident. We meant to arrive just as the doors were being opened so the line would already be moving. Oops. 

3. Standing for long periods of time. I literally wore boots that I put insoles in because I knew I'd be standing for hours. Haha, old lady probs. 

Things I LOOOOOVE about concerts: 
1. It's one of the few places where it's socially acceptable to yell and dance and sing (and one of the few places besides sporting events where it wouldn't be super disruptive to sing and cheer at the top of your lungs)

2. If it's a band you know really well (LIKE RK), you can look around as you sing every word to every song and judge the lesser fans who don't know all the words. EXCEPT THAT'S ALSO HOW I FEEL WHEN THEY SING A NEW SONG THAT I DIDN'T KNOW ALLLL OF THE WORDS TO. DON'T JUDGE. 

3. Live music just sounds better. Plus it's incredible to get to see the band play their own music!

Cue the blurry, grainy, poorly-lit concert pics. 

What was the most recent concert you've been to? Are you a concert person? 

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