Aiden // 9-ish months

Though I shared on Tuesday how motherhood has been sort of discouraging lately (transitions are hard, amiright???), I really am loving all this time with Aiden. I've been tracking his growth and milestones every 3 months (ish), and it's so cool to see his progress from 3 months to 6 months to now! Here's what he's been up to in the past 3 months....and sorry in advance for the total abuse of parenthetical phrasing.

--He started crawling, army-style. He doesn't push himself up on his hands and knees, which means the fronts of all his onesies are going to be stained (because not all floors are spotless. Ahem. Mine.)

--JUST LAST WEEK he started pulling himself up to a standing position! His shaky little baby legs make it look like he'll immediately fall over, but he hasn't. He's also started experimenting with climbing up stairs.

--He eats everything. Out at a Chipotle-esque restaurant, he grabbed my loaded up, spicy burrito's tortilla in his chubby little baby hands and went to TOWN. Lucky for me, I was already done eating. Unlucky for me (and the restaurant!), he scattered rice everywhere when he grabbed the tortilla. (We cleaned it up. We aren't horrible people.)  

--He says Mama when he's upset in his crib and wants someone (me) to come get him. And he says Dada whenever he's gleefully happy (sometimes he even says Dada to me). It's cool though; I'm not bitter. 😉 

--He is ticklish now! It's the cutest! 

--He remembers things. Whenever he crawls into the kitchen, he makes a beeline for the same cabinet every time. (The household cleaners cabinet, of course. Welcome to the days of child-proofed cabinets.)

--Everything he wears is now size 12 months. When he was 7-8 months we were able to get him in 9-month sleepers, but now it's allllll size 12 months. 

--He doesn't sleep through the night. But we're trying to work on that thanks to this method (of gradually cutting back on night-time nursing until they don't even miss it anymore and will put themselves back to sleep if they wake up!). 

His "The snuggle is real" onesie that he's wearing in some of the pictures is from my incredible cousin Lauren's Etsy shop, lovebarli! She's offering 20% off now with the code LOVEFALL20. I didn't see Aiden's size listed, so Lauren made a custom onesie which was only $10 and shipped SUPER quickly. Be prepared for me to mention her shop again if I ever get a Christmas gift guide together. (Or is that wayyy overdone and you're thinking, "Lord please noooo"??). 

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