Friendsgiving Dinner Alternatives

Last year for Friendsgiving we had 13 people around our tiny table in our tiny house (and I made these place cards). This year, we're opting not to squish our beloved friends around the table for a sit-down, potluck dinner. Maybe you don't have a big group of friends you'd want to host or maybe you don't have a ton of space for hosting dinners (like us!), but you can still throw a Thanksgiving-related gathering.

Dinner potluck, re-arranged: 
I've been to Friendsgiving parties where the living room and dining room furniture was flipped. Some people have bigger living spaces than dining rooms, so feel free to add card tables to your the living room! (And stick your couches in the dining room.)

Friendsgiving dessert party:
Instead of dinner, we're going to just do dessert. Make it potluck, and since you'll be eating dessert instead of dinner, no need for a large dining room! (Update: you have to make THESE hot chocolate cookie cups)

Game-night Friendsgiving (with not-lame games that even my board-game-hating friends would love):
--minute to win it challenges
--Pictionary. (Am I the only one who thinks this is the most competitive game ever?)

Re-invent family Thanksgiving: 
Make it more like a gathering of friends by playing table games. (Or does your fam already do this? If so, jealoussss. My cousins mocked me when I suggested it!)

Bonfire Friendsgiving:
Ok, now I'm just adding random fall-themed things in front of "Friendsgiving."

If a sit-down dinner with your friends isn't feasible, maybe one of these other fun Thanksgiving-themed gatherings could work. // via @ahopefulhood

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Do you have any fall/Thanksgiving plans with your friends? What else would you add to this list? 

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