(Socially Distant!) Summer Bucket List

It's halfway through July and we've done lots of fun things, but I want to try and add some extra things to our calendar! Things are starting to re-open around us, and lots of friends are doing play dates, but we are still living that quarantine life because of the grandparents in our circle. (Sorry to keep repeating myself, just wanted to reiterate that it's not because of fear of Covid that we're staying away from people, haha!)

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My favorite things this summer have been getting outside on trails with the kids. We're all sweaty, tired, and feeling free as we roam a new trail or park or creek. It's been the most restorative thing to see my kids running wild through a field or carefully stacking rocks in a creekbed, after months of being pretty isolated. I know I mentioned that in my July Currently post, but it's so true.

(Socially distant) Things I hope to do this summer:
  1. Socially distant girls night. 6+ feet apart and yummy dranks required, twinkle lights optional. (I found some twinkle lights for only $5 at Target!)
  2. Go back to my awkward preteen roots and tie-dye something, possibly with neutral-ish tones like this?
  3. Berry picking
  4. Keep my front yard weed-free. Very exciting goal, I know.
  5. Visit a new thrift store. I used to love thrifting before kids, and I want to get back into it and find all those gems like houseplant pots for fifty cents, etc.!
  6. Run one mile. Just once. To see if I still can. (And to prove to my husband that ONCE AN ATHLETE ALWAYS AN ATHLETE)
  7. Happy hour with a friend via Facetime.
  8. Make salsa with the tomatoes from my garden (step 1: wait for aforementioned tomatoes to ripen.)
  9. Get adult temporary tattoos. Please tell me I'm not crazy for thinking these or these would be fun. 
  10. Make an ice cream sundae bar (with the family, not just by myself haha)
  11. Get donuts from a local bakery

Things I hope to do with the kids:
  1. Make s'mores around a fire
  2. Cousins Camp: a "day camp" with themed days and activities with the cousins
    • My sister-in-law and I actually did this last week! It went so well, and the kids did so many fun crafts and fun messes and silly games and even memorized a Bible verse (sorta). 
  3. More hikes with the kids! Specifically, on a trail we've never been before
  4. Outdoor movie night in our yard. (We've had a projector like this for 4 years and it still works great!)
  5. Make ice chalk (wrote about it on my blog back in 2013! Yikes that was a long time ago!)
  6. Get ice cream from a local spot we've never been to
  7. Late-night star gazing/firefly catching
  8. Make ooblek
  9. Make shaving cream art
  10. Do a scavenger hunt around the house and outside

What fun things have you done this summer?

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