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My blog's been quiet for a while because I haven't felt like posting recipes or summer fun while there's still so much heavy on my mind (racism, quarantine, people who say Covid's not even real, etc.). BUT HERE I AM. Trying to get back in the swing of things. Because I'm sure I'll want to look back and see what a quarantine-ish summer looked like! I'd love to hear from you in the comments: what are you up to these days?

So, borrowing these things from Anne's post, here's what I've been currently...

This cilantro lime shredded chicken recipe that's both summery AND made in the crockpot!

All our outdoor adventures. While stores in PA are open and my mom friends are meeting for play dates outside, my little family is still basically quarantining. Devin has elderly grandparents that have allowed us to be "in their circle," so to protect them, we are still living that quarantine life. Thankfully, Devin's sister has kids and since they're seeing the grandparents too, we're all in each others' circles now (if that makes sense). Besides play dates with little cousins (and my amazing sister in law!), I've been photographing some of my toddler-friendly hikes with the kids. Bonus points if the area has a creek. And frogs. And turtles.

To not have major FOMO about all the fun things my friends are doing. I know lots of people here in PA have extended their circles and done fun stuff, but I keep telling my extrovert self that it's worth missing all the social events in the world if Devin's grandparents get to hold snuggly little Riley and stay healthy. Like I shared in this Instagram post: some days I'm literally crying, other days I'm totally content with what life looks like right now.

If I can successfully keep this fiddle leaf fig alive! I got it for $6 at Aldi, my beloved grocery store (get outta here, Aldi-haters like my husband, who want someone else to bag your groceries and don't mind paying more for delicious food!). Hard to kill plants are my go-to, which I talk about in this post about the top 3 toughest/easiest-to-care-for houseplants. I have spent MANY naptimes reading fiddle leaf fig articles and every day I spritz my fig plant's leaves with water. WHO AM I?! Haha!

 This photo makes me laugh...Riley was pantsless because she pooped through a diaper and onto my shorts, and Aiden had no interest in taking a picture with us! He never wants to be in photos, so anytime I have a picture of him it's either sneaky or he's shockingly ok with it "just for one time, Mom."

^^Emma with her sweet cousin who's 6 weeks older than her. They're both so blonde, they look like twins!

What are you up to these days? Do you have any favorite recipes I should try? 

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