Outdoor Spaces in Summer

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Our old house's backyard was a grassless mudpit surrounded by tons of trees so thick you couldn't see the sky when you looked up in the summer. And yet we had plenty of fun there, too! (Like my DIY outdoor movie night setup, where you can really see the grassless mudpit of a yard.) It really doesn't matter what your space looks like, you can always make it a fun spot to spend time in during the summer. When Pennsylvania was in the red phase and we barely left our house, it was really nice to have a little change of scenery by going outside! Here at our new house, we have a little more of a yard to spread out in and even have a deck (thank you, previous owners!). But all that to say: wherever you are, you can make it fun during the summer and give yourself a change of scenery.

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One of my favorite memories this summer so far (besides all the "hiking" I can't stop talking about) was when Devin came home with Rita's water ice treats for us. I think it's like shaved ice......but it's 2,000% better. ;) My kids always burn their feet on our deck, so I dragged our indoor/outdoor rug that we had used in our dining room and put it under the table. Oh, and that table? It used to be glass until a tornado swept through and carried off our umbrella and smashed the table to pieces. On my anniversary. It's fine, I'm over it. Clearly.

Devin used the legs of the table and built a wooden top out of cedar (similar), and we opted for an even bigger umbrella because the yard otherwise has no shade. (Because of all the sun it also has no mosquitoes........ya win some, ya lose some.)

We brought the edison bulb lights from our old house, and I've brought some of hardier plants out to make it a little cozier.

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What have you done with your outside space to make it feel like home? 
Where do you go for a little change of scenery? 

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