Father's Day Interview for Toddlers + Free Printable

I am such a fan of the questions you ask your kids to get their adorable, candid, ridiculous answers. There are printouts like these all over Pinterest, because it's so fun to see the careless, silly and sometimes insightful things little ones say! That's the reason I've also posted some of the funny things Aiden has said over the years (Things Aiden Says Vol. 6 | Vol. 4 | Vol. 1.)

At Thanksgiving, I had fun coming up with a printable to let the kids draw what they were thankful for, and it was a fun activity for them. So why not do the same thing for Father's Day? Hopefully the design makes it less cheesy to hang on your wall for the month (which is my plan!). If you have a printer ready for color, use this printable. Otherwise, enjoy the black and white version we used!

There's still so much heavy on my heart now, but the lighter things like this are totally needed. If you want to talk about things that matter (like injustice or rioting or anything), message me on Instagram! I am here for it.

Download your printable here: B&W version | With Color

What are you doing to celebrate Father's Day? 

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