for those of us in denial: summer's not over

just kidding, summer is basically over. i start classes in 2 days (my senior year! my last first day of the year! i'm almost done!), but i can't help but write about fun, summery things. after all, it is still august, and here in the philly area it's still 80 degrees. 

anyhoodle (as my bestie megan used to say), i babysat for these super awesome boys every day in august (one's 4 and the other one is 6), and we did some "experiments" and of course went on adventures. because that's what 4 and 6 year old boys do. they explore weird stuff (like catching a stink bug and watching bees hatch on a caterpillar) and they splash in creeks with sturdy, bright-colored sandals. 

one of the things we did has been floating around pinterest, and when i saw the pin, i immediately added it to our list of things to do (along with treasure hunts and fort-building. did i mention i won "best babysitter award of 2013"? just kidding. i didn't. but i have 2 youngsters who say i should.) it was ice chalk, and here's the ultra specific recipe:

mix corn starch and water (half and half), and add some food coloring. but don't go nuts with the food coloring unless the kids you're doing it with are your own, and you don't mind having some spotted children. because the food coloring does not come off skin that well! we used a set of popsicle sticks, but you can use an ice tray. 

these are our colors, and we went CAH-RAZY with drops of food coloring, which is why the ice chalk is so vibrant. however, the kids had to use vinyl gloves (which made them feel more like scientists) so their mom didn't flip out when her kids had permanently colored hands ;) 

the ice chalk writes like it's water, but it dries chalky!

and these are our melted popsicles of ice chalk, which left some fun trails of color in their drive way. 

what are some fun end of summer things you're doing? 
are you ready to get back to fall/school?

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