my last first day of college

despite my last noooo-summer-don't-gooooo post, i am ready for the adventure of senior year!

yesterday marked the start of the fall semester, and even though it was pouring rain, i was excited. class from 1 pm straight through til 10 pm wasn't going to phase me! (if you had asked me again at 10:05 as i was walking to my car in the puddle-ridden parking lot, my answer might have been less enthused about the start of school. but overall i was really pumped for the school year to begin!) 

and it's my senior year. did i mention that part? I'M A SENIORRRRR! *ahem* i mean, um, i'm a senior and it's like no big deal. also, i don't already have my my graduation date marked on the calendar or anything. OH WAIT. I DO.

i even took a ridiculous picture [by myself] that an overeager parent would for their bright-eyed 6 year old...but whatever. i'm super excited. i can't even pretend that i'm not. yesterday was the first day of a semester that will put me one step closer to student-teaching this spring [which is where my enthusiasm will REALLY kick it into high gear].

so anywayz. here's to a year of senior thesis, education classes, pre-student-teaching fieldwork, messy buns, sweatpants, and essays. oh, and doing my best for Jesus :)

what gets you super pumped?
anything exciting happening this fall?