picking up trash and pulling weeds and...

this past summer, i worked for arcadia on the grounds crew, which is probably one of the most under-appreciated departments on campus. seriously, how do you think all the trashcans get emptied? who makes the grass look like it never grows, because it's always perfectly inch and three quarters? how do the trees never have low-hanging branches? how are the hedges always perfectly shaped? because of the grounds crew, that's why! thanks to this summer, working alongside the full time team of hystericalllll full time guys, i learned what nut grass is (it's  the enemy! for those of you wondering), how to move super heavy furniture down steps/with a hand cart, and how to kill hornets' nests by the softball field without getting stung. 

oh, and i also made some really great friends :) there were about 9 of us student workers this summer, and we were all reallllly different (i was "the married one," then there were "the twins," then "berries and nuts girl"...) but it was such a great mix! we hung out outside of work, had bonfires...and it was awesome. 

 we climbed giant sequoias on our break from picking up hedge clippings...not sure that was allowed, but whatever :) 

most of us ladies, at a bonfire at my house 

hanging out at bruce's appt.

the breakroom.

me and keiara...posing with an action news van on campus?

liz gets ready to drive a mower.............just joking. girls pull weeds. they don't use machinery.

summer full of snapchats like this, whenever we got sent to different spots on campus.

the only machinery we were allowed to use. gotta get those leaves off the walkways!

man, miss the summer. grounds reunion soon?


  1. Oh man this looks soo fun! I could totally see this being a sitcom of some sort! Love that it takes all sorts of people to make up this world & that you all bonded over pulling weeds and wearing bright green :) Too often we think that just bc someone is in a different spot in life (ie married) we won't have anything in common with them... so not the case! Great post.

    1. you put into words exactly what i was trying to convey (except you have a better way of saying it!). motley groups of friends are the best, right? (motley being a compliment here haha...) and i love you and miss you, too!!! hope the east coast is treating you well :)