birthday recap: i'm feelin' twenty-twoooooo


thank you to everyone who helped make my birthday special, including tay sweezy who wrote a song about getting old (aka turning 22), and megan with a hysterical voicemail, and grace who surprised me with baked goods at home....

the celebrating started during the week, with my arcadia friend liz surprising me with cupcakes at lunch. 
grounds themed! (go here if you didn't get to read about my amazing grounds crew friends). there's trees flowers, and a pick-up truck...super creative liz made them. home-made cream cheese icing, yo! best thang ever.

then, after some birthday cupcakes, we went and tried out the grounds shop's newest golf cart...

so that was during the week. then, the weekend:

on friday night, devin and i went out for dinner along the historic part of germantown ave in philly, getting dinner at a classy mexican restaurant, but it got a little awkward because it's a legit mexican restaurant (no burritos on the menu, and everything's in spanish). and in case you haven't noticed, we are as white as you get. i used to think (up til that night) that i could speak spanish (and i conversationally can! really!!) but that menu threw us for a loop. we were the people on our iphones googling translations of "a la parilla" to make sure we didn't order some extra spicy squid or something. (talk about humbling.......aka embarrassing.) ANYHOW we had an amazing time, and after dinner, we walked along the lantern-lit streets of historic germantown and shared an ice cream cone :) it was really fun to look in the little shops, and hang out somewhere we'd never been before. 

then, on saturday, we had our whole families over for some cake and icecream...devin baked and decorated the cake :) and devin's mom even told us that our house is "starting to look like a real house" which is the biggest compliment ever. (the most recent projects have been replacing missing floorboards, but we still don't have any trim on anything...maybe a new house update coming soon?)

and after the family party, devin and i met up with the creative-cupcake-creator liz and our friends christie and jackie (who i know from high school, but we all worked together this past summer). can i just say that i have the most hilarious friends? sorry, i'm sure you're friends are pretty funny too...but i could not stop laughing basically that whole entire time. devin and christie were making fun of their 6th grade music teacher who smoked in his office (didn't know that was allowed in middle schools...?), and liz filled us in on the latest work basically, it was the perfect birthday weekend. :)



  1. love it :) Wishing you many more!

  2. k i turned 22 in august, and i am so behind the times--i don't think i even knew t-swift had a song called 22 until dalin started singing it to me. umm, embarrassing. glad you had a fun bday! :)