a weekend recap...with a surprise ending!

friday night: 
date night, of course! this time we traded the franchise of olive garden for a locally owned italian place that just opened...although this new, local restaurant didn't have unlimited breadsticks/salad. if you live in the greater philadelphia area you can check the place out here

us, on our way out to dinner! note the new haircut that included bangs. [whaddya think, too seventh grade?]

saturday night:
devin and i babysat my youngest sister, becky, so my parents could go out to see a play with my aunt, uncle, and grandmother! it was suuuuper fun. (precious moment before we even started babysitting--devin came home from doing side-work with his parents and was like "i've been looking forward to hanging out with becky all day." AH. adorable.) anywayz, she was EXTRA-enthused about two things: pizza for dinner, and going in the hot tub. she probably repeated "julie, go get pizza?" three hundred times, until it was actually dinner time and devin ran out to pick it up. she's also gotten really good with communicating (in spite of her special needs), and says complex thoughts impressively well! i'm pretty jealous of lisa who always takes cute selfies with the beckster, but this super-cheesin-it pic is pretty typical for the both of us. we also played wii fit and i tried wii zumba, meanwhile the peanut gallery just laughed at my horrific dance moves (becky was all, "julie, SILLY!"). 

sunday // the surprise ending to our weekend!
you've probably already scrolled to the bottom of this post, thanks to the title, but nevertheless...
i got my nose pierced! i'd kinda had it in the back of my mind for a while, and devin and i somehow got to talking about nose piercings this weekend, so it wasn't totally out of the blue...so on sunday evening, after a challenging (in all the right ways!) church service, delightful hood family lunch, and a successful re-organizing of our storage area upstairs, dev suggested i go get it done. we called up a bunch of places nearby for prices/availability, and then walked 10 minutes to a tattoo/piercing place. minutes later, i had a new piercing! 
and for those of you who are all "what a rebellious thing to do, you scallywag heathen!" i recommend reading Genesis 24. i'm just following in rebekah's footsteps! ;)

how was your weekend?
what do you [honestly] think of the nose ring?


  1. I Love this post! I approve of the bangs! They completely fit your face...super cute :) haha and nice surprise ;) I wonder if Rebecca knew what trend she was setting when it all happened haha <3 :) see you soon! And tell cute becky I said hi, so excited that you got to spend some good time with her!

  2. Love the nose ring and new haircut!!! You look wonderful. I would love to catch up and hear how your life is going. I miss you Jules and wish you all the happiness in the world!

    1. thanks, mal! i'd love to catch up with you too, and hear about all your adventures (although your blog has been wonderful in seeing what you've been up to) :)