waterfalls and hikes and tents

devin and i, in all our thriftiness glory, went camping this past weekend. where else can you vacation for $46 [total for the whole weekend]??? plus, we both love the outdoors and killing crickets in our tent with whatever weapon is nearby [like a water bottle]. we went to hickory run in the pocono mountains of pennsylvania, where we'd gone last summer. except this time, we went swimming in the waterfall that last year we only looked at, and we hiked 7 miles in an hour and a half, just to see a field full of rocks. 

us, after the 3.5 mile hike up to the boulder field. it was really incredible that there were so many rocks! it was the size of a lake, and lined with pine trees. 

the waterfall we saw last year but didn't swim in--this year we were prepared and jumped in. alot. 

 a log had fallen across the bottom of the waterfall, which was perfect for kids like me who don't want to jump from 20 feet above into the water! devin jumped from the rock face above, because he is brave and because the water was really clear and you could tell how deep it was. but also because he is brave. 

 [thank you, self-timer and mini tripod]


this is my classy oh-hello-there-i'm-casually-leaping-into-cold-water face.

devin also jumped in downstream, where the water was equally clear/deep.

fishing, unsuccessfully.  

 the heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands [psalm 19:1] 
this was the sunset we saw on our last night there. 

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  1. You went on vacation! Yes! Looks perfect for you too ^_^