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Byyyyye, January. What a month! We've hibernated in the freezing temperatures, we've had play dates and date nights and museum trips and Aiden got his cast off (sorry, can't stop talking about it!) and now Aiden can even walk without holding someone's hand. (Limping, but it counts!).

What are your plans and fun things in February?! I'm putting on a brave face for the month of winter that seems to go on forever (and ever and ever), and I'm planning a Galentine's Day brunch and more outings for me and the kids! 

So let's talk. Are you the type who saves a gift card for a year before you use it, or the type who saves it for 6 minutes? I'm usually quick to use them up, but ever since getting an Amazon gift card at Christmas, I'm going reaaaallllly slowly as I decide how I want to spend it, which is a new thing for me. I don't want to know what immediately spending a gift card says about a person, so all you I've-taken-the-enneagram-test-and-understand-all-your-behaviors friends out there, don't analyze me too harshly. 😉 

Here are some things I've got my eye on! 

  1. Mom Up, a book I'm about to read with a book club. LOOK AT ME, THE ONE WHO NEVER READS IS IN A REAL CHILL BOOK CLUB. That is all. Update: I've bought it and it's good and each chapter tells me how long it'll take to read. A definite win!

  2. Galentine's Day balloons. I haven't decided if I want to decorate with balloons or with fresh flowers. "Please advise." (In the words of Knox & Jamie, my favorite podcasters!)

  3. This laptop sleeve. 

  4. A pineapple print bathing suit for Emma this summer...can we get matching ones? Is that something she'll look back on and complain about? (Probably not, you're right, mom-and-me matching 4ever)

  5. Liane Moriarty's newest book, because I'm #343 on my library's request list (not an exaggeration, that's literally what request number I am). Though I rarely read, I am do love everything Moriarty's written! 

  6. This $50 blender because ours is cracked and every time I make a smoothie (the easiest way to trick myself into eating veggies!), I wait for the whole pitcher to explode and spinach bits to be splattered around the kitchen. 

  7. Collagen gummy vitamins because I'm determined to grow my hair long, and I've had these before and they taste good/maybe are helping?

What are YOU loving these days (whether on Amazon or not!)?

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