Breakfast Taco Bar For Hosting Brunch

I'm hosting my second annual Galentine's Day brunch in a few weeks, and I'm tempted to serve similar things to last year's: make-ahead french toast casserole and make-ahead tater tot + egg casserole because it was just so easy! (This is last year's Galentine's Day recap.) Howeverrrrr, I don't want to serve the exact same casseroles I made last year, but I also am a lazy person who doesn't want to spend hours in the kitchen. Enter: the breakfast taco bar.

My lack of effort in the kitchen while also wanting to give my friends something healthy and yummy is what inspired this trial run and recipe suggestion for you, whether you're hosting friends or just want to up your breakfast game on a Saturday morning.

Also I want to give a QUICK shoutout to my kids for taking amazing naps yesterday so I could snap a few photos with a folding chair, tripod, and camera. #Keepingitrealllll

The non-negotiables for breakfast tacos: 

  1. Scrambled eggs 
  2. Shredded cheese OR queso fresco, if you're feeling FANCY
  3. Small soft-shell tortillas
  5. Black beans, seasoned with garlic + a little cumin and warmed over the stove
  6. Cilantro, chopped
  7. Salsa
Other ingredient ideas: 

  1. Sauteed, chopped potatoes (that seems like a lot of work though if I'm already scrambling eggs..........😉)
  2. Roasted, chopped peppers
  3. Bacon. Or TURKEY bacon, if you're a rebel like me. 
  4. Chorizo
Suggestions for how to make it all go smoothly:
  1. Scramble 2 eggs per person attending, if you're making these for a group. 
  2. Keep the scrambled eggs, tortillas wrapped in foil, black beans, etc. warm in the oven until people arrive. 
  3. Keep the chopped cilantro, salsa, and cheese in their serving dishes in the fridge until everyone gets there. 

What are your favorite breakfast foods? 

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