Happy 3rd Birthday, Aiden

Aiden, my sweet boy,

You're three!

That sounds like such a low number, but when you and I have real conversations about what following Jesus looks like? It doesn't feel like three is so young. 

You ended your second year with a cast, and now with physical therapy, so for me, it's hard to think back to how you used to run around and climb on things and and swim in the pool and ride your scooter up and down our block. I'm excited for you to get back to that carefree, active state (actuallyyyyy, my BACK is excited because I just can't carry you anymore). 

It is amazing how much you love being read to. Most days before naptime, we'll lay on your bed and read another section in your Jesus Storybook Bible, and it's incredible how much you understand....and how many times you interrupt with questions! Haha. After 5-6 books, I'm asking for a break to get water and give my voice a break, but you're willing to keep sitting and listening to more and more books! I LOVE how much fun books are for you. 

I'm also loving how you so quickly refer to everyone as "friend." For me, friendships take time and can get messy, but you've simplified it so perfectly: We just met? We're friends. We had one play date? We're friends. We argued about who played trucks first? We're friends. Basically, if we've spent time together, we're friends. It's beautiful. 

You're an incredible listener, you look out for our "Emmy girl," and you are so imaginative. 
I love you, buddy. 

I'm excited for all the thing God has for you in this next year. 

Your mom 

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