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This week is warm and sunny and making me dream of spring. It's Monday night as I'm writing this, and I feel like I should have been wearing florals or a dress today instead of a plain black sweater. I recently shared that I was waiting for Nine Perfect Strangers in a super long library request list, but I'm thrilled to say that it finally came in, I read it in only a couple of days, and it was even better than I had hoped!! You know the book term "beach read"? Well there's also February-reads, which means you can curl up under a blanket and read for 2 hours straight (or until your kids wake up from their naps and demand Goldfish and milk). Cozy reads, maybe that's a better term?


Here's a few more things I've been up to recently, besides being sucked into an amazing book.

Currently I've been...

Galentine's Day. I'm hosting 12 people this Saturday for brunch (in my 1,000-square foot house! Yikes!), and my poor husband Devin claims he isn't tired of hearing me talk about Galentine's Day plans but I know he must be ready for it to be over. There's only so much patience a guy can have when his wife constantly wants to update him on what menu ideas she has (heart-shaped pancakes with cinnamon sugar icing, plus that breakfast taco bar) or is always going "guess who just RSVP-ed yes?!"

To Legoland Plymouth Meeting, thanks to Groupon having a year's membership for half-price! If you haven't checked Groupon for ideas for places to go, you totally should. I find so many fun, inexpensive things to do with the kids on there!

Plans to re-do our kitchen counters. We just finished painting them (see more of that on my Instagram Stories!) so now we just need an inexpensive upgrade from NAVY BLUE FORMICA. All the eye rolls for that ever being a thing.

The Bachelor. It's not just crappy TV (it is, I know)--it's the whole experience. Devin and I drink wine, fill out our brackets with who we think is staying to the next round, heckle both the contestants and the producers for how they portray the contestants...I look forward to our "Bachelor Mondays" a ridiculous amount. ;)

These high-waisted dark wash jeans from Gap. They're expensive (to me, who only wants to spend $3 on something at a thrift store) but I got 2 pairs for Christmas and now people must think I just wear the same pair of pants every day because I can't force myself to wear anything except these comfy jeans! They smooth out my flabby mom bod, and I'll never go back to low-rise pants. Nope. You can't make me.

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I can't wait to hear what you've loving currently! Make sure to share in the comments below!

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