7 Things To Get Us Through February

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By the time February rolls around, I'm tired of the cold. I'm over having to bundle myself (and now small people, who refuse to stop shrieking NECK HURT NECK HURT just because their perfectly loose jackets are zipped all the way up to their chin. Because it's freezing. Also because no one makes a crew-neck winter coat.) and I'm over having to give all my dollars to the heating company. Those dollars would be better spent on trips to Cancun, in my opinion.

If you're like me and tired of winter, here are a few things to keep us going until the weather warms up and we can end this germy hibernation that most call February:

  1. Chunky sweaters. (Since Lord knows there's an expiration date on wearing those...it's called warmer weather. Yeah, I forgot what that was, too.) 
  2. Mess-free creativity for kids (Aiden's loving his , thanks to a birthday care package from "Uncle Courtney and Uncle Iggy") or trying new DIYs like this
  3. Pretending it's spring by trying to make some plants grow (see my tutorial for getting your succulents to grow you more succulents here)
  4. All the indoor gatherings with friends. Making Valentines together, a coffee date, Galentine's Day, happy hour, thrifting, weeping together for the complete lack of vitamin D everyone's getting, etc.
  5. Good books, like the inspiring and God-focused one from Jamie Ivey, the fiction favorites from Liane Moriarty, or the SUPER INCREDIBLE Rent Collector. (Internet-high five for me actually reading again.)
  6. If you have toddlers, allllll the library storytimes. Go a little further away and try out a new library and see what books/toys their kid-section has. #Freefun #literarywin
  7. Finding a new coffee shop and ordering something off the menu that you normally wouldn't get.

--Soups like this curry butternut squash recipe, since we won't want to serve soup for dinner when we're sweating to death in August. (What I wouldn't give to be sweating to death in August again, instead of sitting in my 62-degree living room writing this list.)

What are you doing this month? I'm up for alllll suggestions on things to look forward to in the rest of winter!

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