DIY Wall Hanging Plants

22 March 2018

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The real reason I was able to do this DIY was because my husband, Devin, helped me--he's the one who found the planters, who saw that they were magnetic, who helped me mount them, and who encouraged/heckled me while planting them ("this is for the blog, right? hashtag vertical gardens, hashtag garden up, hashtag urban farming").

This whole project came from a date to Home Depot, when, after looking for electrical supplies, he suggested we look at plants (hi, it's me here, the one with a new favorite hobby, as seen in this succulent post and other posts on Instagram). It was sweet, us walking through aisles of potted plants and coming up with this project!

Because the $2.50 pots from Home Depot were magnetic, we had to use magnets to mount the plants on our fence piece wall decor (a.k.a. our stocking hanger) which might be more difficult if you're attaching planters just to your wall, and not a magnetic surface like your fridge or another magnetic surface. That's why I've linked up some other easy-to-install wall planters that you can screw right into your wall!

What we used:
  1. 2 magnets
  2. super glue 
  3. 2 magnetic hanging planters (which I now can't find online to link to! Sorry! Check Home Depot's garden section to see if they still have them)
  4. 2 low-light plants, like heart-leaf philodendron 
  5. scissors, to trim the roots

What we did:
  1. Devin drilled space for the magnets to be inserted...
  2. ...And then he used a fancy spray super glue thing to secure the inset magnets. 
  3. I trimmed the roots of the philodendron so they'd fit in the planters...
  4. ...And then squeezed them into the little planters! Surprisingly they're still alive ;) 
  5. Then, I watered them so the plants wouldn't go into "shock" at being transplanted. 

Other wall-hanging planters (if you don't want to go the magnetic route!):

What are your favorite ways to decorate with plants?

Protein-rich Loaded Nachos (a.k.a. how I made a wholesome dinner in 15 minutes)

17 March 2018

Dinnertime can be craaaazy for us, since it's usually the time of day when both kids are MELTING DOWN and all I want is a delicious, good-for-us meal that won't take forever to make. Enter: these loaded nachos. (Yes, some people make them for parties. But I'm here to tell you that everyone likes eating nachos for dinner!)

This whole dinner can be made in only 15 minutes, since all you really have to do is open some cans and chop an onion...and then artistically scatter (that's the professional cooking term) everything over a layer of chips. We've made these with 3-5 layers because the more, the better (but in the pictures, I only did a single layer since I was just making them for myself. For lunch. After the kids went down for a nap. #Selfish)

Besides adding pinto beans and cheese to the tortilla chips, I also layered Tyson Grilled and Ready® Chicken. They come already cooked, seasoned, and in strips, so all I had to do was microwave some and toss them on. It was so easy, and they tasted really good with the seasonings they had! I also grabbed Tyson® Frozen Chicken Breasts, which I plan on cooking from frozen in this recipe. (Honest moment: I got them both at Sam's Club, where we've been members for years, because when I get things at Sam's I  can get them in bulk a.k.a. fewer grocery shopping trips where I'm schlepping two little kids around. Money and a time saver? Yes please.)

Make the loaded nachos seem fancier by squeezing a lime over the whole platter after you bake it.

Lessons Learned As A Mom of Two

12 March 2018

Everyone says that every baby is different. And WHAT DO YA KNOW, IT'S SUPER SUPER TRUE. I wrote this post 3 days after Emma was born, when everything was new and fresh and exciting, but since then, there have been some challenges that I didn't see coming. Real talk: having Aiden did not prepare me for having Emma! Sure, I knew some things...but so much has been different, and it's been humbling to learn and experience so many different things (like baby probiotics?! I didn't even know were a thing when Aiden was a baby!!) this time round.

Currently // March 2018

07 March 2018

Hellooooo, March! If only we could have sunny, warm days instead of last-minute snow storms, that would be pretty cool. And by cool I mean it would require less shoveling and bundling up. It's literally snowing right now, everything is closed, and we're supposed to get a foot of snow. (Whyyyyy, Lord, whyyyy). 

I LOVE slowing down and documenting what my days have been filled with recently, so here I go (and I'm linking up with Anne & Sarah). 

I've been currently...

Family vacations, friendcations, all the things. There's a chance me and the kids will tag along with my family's trip to NH so Devin can do serious structural work on our house, but I also want to try and do something as a family of four. Suggestions for east coast trips we could take with 2 little kids?

Animals at the Philadelphia Zoo, back when we had a stretch of warm days in February! That's what the snapshot at the top is from. I'm also "seeing" (watching) Life in Pieces, world's best sitcom. Season 1 is on Netflix and you HAVE to watch it! (I'm also seeing how crappy The Bachelor can end. Feel free to rant/discuss with me. I've got so many thoughts.)

This curry butternut squash recipe, but I need recipe suggestions because we are stuck in a total dinner rut. Keep your paleo, gluten-free, cardboard-flavored recipes to yourself though because I'm not about that life. 😉 

That eventually I'll be able to stuff myself into a bathing suit. I just ordered this one from Cupshe (because a friend got a cute suit from there and loved it), because I have no intention of bringing two kids to the store while I try on bathing suits. Fingers crossed that it fits!

Sweaters and brown ankle boots (like this pair). Might as well try and look at the bright side of all this lingering cold weather, since I won't be wearing sweaters this summer!

What have you been up to lately?