Growing in Your Faith: 3 Questions to Ask

Recently, I've been thinking about what it means to check in on how you're growing in your faith. Am I staying the same? Am I further along now than I was last year? Unlike in school where you get grades, following Jesus doesn't come with a report card (and feedback from picky teachers who take off points for incomplete homework 😉 )...But it's too important to let it go without taking a minute to examine how you're growing. 

I shared before about these ways to refocus on Jesus during the day. But how do I make sure that I'm actually moving forward in my faith? And why should I see if I'm even growing? 

As Peter talks about Jesus' return, and ends his letter with this challenge:  Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18

Here's what I ask myself: 
  • 1. Do my actions reflect the fact I'm following Jesus? Am I loving/patient/kind/gentle/etc.? (Galatians 5:22-23
  • 2. What areas of my life do I need to turn over to him?
  • 3. Have I been consistently spending time with God (reading the Bible, praying, etc.)? (1 Thess. 5:16-18
  • *BONUS: What was I struggling with 3 months ago/6 months ago/last year? How has God answered those prayers/struggles? How did those issues impact my faith?

I want to know that my faith is deepening, that I'm not just staying the same! What would you add to this list? How do you make sure you're not just staying the same?

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An Especially Accurate Description of the Third Trimester

Today I'm 31 weeks pregnant with Baby #2

Current mood: large & in charge. 

Do I really need to explain anything else? 

1. What my body looks like:

2. I'm mildly irrational, but don't you dare tell me that: 

3a. How I feel when someone says, "wow! you're only ___ weeks!?" (because I know I look bigger than that...) 
3b. OR when someone says, "wow! you're getting close!" (am I? Bc here I am still pregnant) 

4. How I feel in general: 

5. When you realize you don't know anything and suddenly google tips on caring for a baby. Even if this is your second kid. 

6. Anytime I try to move quickly (like when chasing baby #1 who's not a baby but a surprisingly quick toddler)

7. What you say to your best friend but no one else, because that would be harrassingly annoying: 

If you're looking for more pregnancy-related things (like perhaps things that are ACTUALLY helpful, like tips and suggestions?), check out...
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DIY Backyard Movie Night

Last weekend we hosted a backyard movie night, and it was a success! And by success I mean that no one got eaten alive by mosquitos, everyone enjoyed watching The Prestige, and the temperatures dropped so that we weren't sweating to death outside. This was part of my summer bucket list, and I definitely want to host another movie night in the fall! 

What you need: 

  • --9x12 or larger drop cloth/tarp/sheet
  • --rope, to hang up the drop cloth
  • --projector, which is cheaper than some TVs!
  • --speakers
  • --extension cords/power strip
  • --popcorn, which you should start popping long before people arrive in case your microwave overheats. (or is that just ours???)
  • --bug spray by the gallon 😉 

Pro tip: 

Pick a start time AFTER checking when sunset is and when it usually gets dark. We scheduled our movie night for 7, but since it's August in Philly, the sun didn't set til 8 something, so we hung out for a while before it was dark enough to start the movie. 

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One Year of Wild Cedar Co.+ New Goals

I started this Etsy shop with my real life & blogger friend Courtney last July (2016), and it's been so fun to see it grow from strange tree cut-outs (what I made) to more complex lettering signs (made by me, lettered by her). Our shop just celebrated it's "one year anniversary"...maybe you saw the giveaway we hosted on Instagram? Over the past year, we've redesigned our logo, honed in our style, and had such fun discussing WCC in coffee shops & my living room. I've LOVED getting to talk design, reclaimed wood, social media, and future goals with Courtney, as we think about what God is doing next with Wild Cedar Co.

As our shop celebrated its one year anniversary, Courtney and her husband moved across the state (which I shared a bit about here). We're still continuing the joint effort Etsy shop, but now Courtney will be doing the social media & design work remotely, & I'll be more of a productions person. With a plan in place, we're hoping to try out some new things this next year, like new products and such!

WCC Goals: 

  • --start making digital prints
  • --sell mugs & throw pillows with our hand-lettered designs on them
  • --standardize wood sign sizes (which makes shipping/pre-making signs way easier!)
  • --create a custom order form so people can easily share their ideas for their custom sign
  • --participate in at least 2 farmers' market/craft fair events!

This is an example from our custom listing, where we have 2 sizes of wood rounds and can letter whatever you'd like on it!

We're on Instagram & Facebook, and would love to connect with you there!

What else would you want to see in our shop? Also, join our email list to get the jump on all the newest things added to our shop/all the sale info!

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