Tips for Hosting Galentine's Day

13 February 2018

This past weekend I hosted my first ever Galentine's Day event (an idea originally from Parks and Rec, which you KNOW I love since I wrote 7 life lessons from Parks & Rec). I invited all my local girlfriends and served brunch, the automatic unifier because who doesn't love breakfast food?! (Communists, I'm assuming.)

Some ladies who were able to make it knew each other from being bridesmaids in my wedding, but no one really knew each I borrowed a few ideas from Leslie Knope to help the event be fun for everyone! Below you'll find the decor, food, and activities that we used for the morning, along with photos of how it turned out and some fun photos of friends (including my gal pal, baby Emma, who hung out, then napped, then partied some more. Girl's got her priorities in order.)

7 Things To Get Us Through February

06 February 2018
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By the time February rolls around, I'm tired of the cold. I'm over having to bundle myself (and now small people, who refuse to stop shrieking NECK HURT NECK HURT just because their perfectly loose jackets are zipped all the way up to their chin. Because it's freezing. Also because no one makes a crew-neck winter coat.) and I'm over having to give all my dollars to the heating company. Those dollars would be better spent on trips to Cancun, in my opinion.

If you're like me and tired of winter, here are a few things to keep us going until the weather warms up and we can end this germy hibernation that most call February:

Wild Cedar Co. Valentine's Day Collection

01 February 2018
I just shared some Valentine's Day DIY card ideas earlier this week, but if glitter and gluesticks aren't your thing, these printables would also be a super cute Valentine's Day gift. And by super cute I mean even the Target dollar-section can't compete with a hand-lettered print. 😉 

Our Etsy shop's Valentine's Day collection is now live, and you can check out all the different printables we now offer. All you have to do is purchase & print at home (or at Staples, or at your local library, or at your neighbor's house...I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life so you just go ahead and print that little guy wherever you'd like 😉) and it's ready to be framed! Question: does a Valentine's Day gift get any easier than that. Correct answer: nope!

DIY Punny Valentine's

30 January 2018

It's no secret that I love cards. Apparently when Valentine's Day rolls around, I decide to make cards (exhibit one and two). This February I'm hosting a Galentine's Day and, in the spirit of Leslie Knope, I want to have a card for each friend that arrives! (I also plan on mailing cards to all you lovely ladies that can't make it/live too far away to come eat waffles and paint nails together.)

All I used for these little cards (because things are cuter when they're smaller, right? Like baby toes and mini sandwiches) was glitter, cardstock, a sharpie, and a glue stick. You don't need much to make these simple cards!