Baby Swim Gear Checklist

25 May 2018
All the things you need for a successful day at the pool with a baby! // via @ahopefulhood

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Yayyyy, Memorial Day Weekend! It's like the unofficial kick-off to summer, because who really listens to that summer solstice mid-June start of summer nonsense? Not me.

Today's Friday Favorites is allllll about the pool, for you mamas or friends of mamas who will be spending days at the pool/lake with little ones.

Every summer, we buy pool tags to our local pool, and since getting married, I live within walking distance of the pool! People ask "oh, what are your plans for the summer?" and while others are describing elaborate vacations, my summer plan has always been this: spend as many days at the pool as possible.

Last summer, I was SUPER PREGNANT (proof here and here), and I spent every pool day pulling Aiden up when he slipped under the water. He always was run-walking, and because the baby pool water came up to his chin, he ALWAYS slipped under and I had to be right next to him to pull him back up. While I'm not sure how I'm gonna hack it with TWO kids at the pool this summer, I am SO THANKFUL that Aiden will be taller/less likely to slip under the water........and I'm thankful I'm not pregnant anymore. Also, thankful that Emma isn't walking yet so she can't run away from me, so theoretically I'll only have to chase Aiden. ;)

Here are my favorite items for pool days with a baby:

Our Prayer for Emma

22 May 2018

I shared briefly on Instagram that over the weekend, we had Emma dedicated, but I wanted to take the time to write out my thoughts and prayers here, too.

What is a baby dedication? 
It's kind of like infant baptism, except that I believe people get baptized when they choose to follow Jesus. Dedicating a baby just means we are committing ourselves to raise her according to God's standards, as we pray she grows up having a relationship with him! It's not commanded in the New Testament that you do this; but there's examples of it being done (like how Jesus was presented at the temple as a baby). It's also a reminder for the community to be involved with encouraging the parents and the little one, and we're so thankful for the pastors praying for us (as seen in the pictures below).

At our church, they have the parents think of 5 traits we want to see developed in Emma, which helps us think longterm...further than just the diapers and baby food stage 😉 We made a list of traits for Aiden, and without even trying, some of the same ones were on our list for Emma!

DIY Herb Garden Starters (that your toddler may or may not love doing)

16 May 2018

I really thought Aiden would love this project! He helps me water my houseplants, and what kid doesn't like digging in the dirt?! Well, as it turns out, he was into this for 0.3 seconds and then all he wanted to do was drive around in his toy truck (see below.) That left me posing awkwardly for self-timer pictures. By myself. Holding dirt. Just you're average Tuesday, of course.

Anyway, this project costs like $3 to make, depending on how many seed packets you buy! I saved cardboard egg cartons and just used dirt from my back yard, but of course you could get fancy and buy real seed starter things.

(If you're into the plant thing, which clearly I'm reeeeal obsessed with, you might also like reading my 5 ideas for indoor planters and my DIY succulent garden!)

Shout-out to all the Mamas

12 May 2018

This one's for the mamas. The ones who have nursed babies in Target dressing rooms, who have cleaned up actual vomit, who have convinced small people to eat vegetables. I salute you.

You mamas are strong women, birthing and adopting small humans, supporting them as they grow up. (And to the moms of older kids, you are SO strong for forgiving them for being snarky teenagers that made you want to slap the feisty right outta their mouths. I'm talking to you, Mom; snuggling your grandkids is the reward to letting me live past my SUPER rude teenage years.)