Things I've Been Doing Instead of Blogging

I feel like I should add "vol. 1" after that post title because somehow I feel like this is eventually going to happen again....where I unapologetically get busy and don't have time to write. 

// Trying out different story times with Aiden. Some are too crowded, some are geared for older kids, and some include ribbons and bells and kids of all ages dancing to music in a "music hour" at a library and you're kids don't have to be quiet! That last one's been my favorite so far since Aiden really has no interest in sitting still while books are read aloud.

// Finishing The Rosie Project (per Chelsea's suggestion) and more recently, starting Truly Madly Guilty

// Posting to our Wild Cedar Co. Instagram, building new signs, working with potential customers on custom orders, etc.

// Setting my phone far, far away from me and playing trains with Aiden. It's too easy to get sucked into notifications, emails, etc. and I don't want to miss out on the important stuff. Sidenote: every wheeled vehicle makes the "brrrrmmmm" sound, according to Aiden.

// Meeting up with people. Sidekick (a.k.a. Aiden, duh) and I had lunch with Devin's grandmother one day, playdates other days, lunch dates, playing at a local mall because THEY HAVE A FREE INDOOR NON-GRIMY PLAY AREA!, etc.

// Reading the Bible way more consistently. Skipping days is what took me forever to get through Deuteronomy, but I've been making steady progress in Joshua and--of course--it's been so good!!

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Life Lessons from Parks & Rec

My post also appeared on Buzzfeed here!  

1. Be the Leslie Knope of whatever you do. That means giving 110%, not taking things personally, and being there for your friends. (Also making color-coded tabbed binders, celebrating birthdays,  and sometimes eating waffles right after flu recovery.)

2. Breakfast food is best. 

3. Finding the perfect job is hard, but you can figure it out! Also, make a list of the things you like.....or things you hate. (And in the meantime, work hard doing something.)

4. If you and your friend have a falling out, be a good listener and figure out what happened (even if it was 3 years ago). And then hug it out. 

5. Even the seemingly cold-hearted people have a soft side. 

6a. Lessons on healthy living: it's overrated. 

6b. Exercise sucks but some people still do it. Those may be the same people who think raisins count as a dessert.

7. Don't spread yourself too thin. Commit to fewer things and do them well. 

What life lessons have you learned from Parks and Rec? Wait, you've never seen the show?!? I'll wait while you go watch it so we can still be friends.
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5 Tips for Remodeling Small Bathrooms

Before and afters of our bathroom renovation + 5 tips for remodeling a small bathroom // via @ahopefulhood

We finally finished our bathroom remodel!

Devin bought this house when we got engaged, and he and his dad re-did the bathroom first, completelyyy gutting the room (pictured here and here)...including tearing down all the walls!! The bathroom went from having a blue tub and pink tile to getting light green walls and cream accents. While it was totally functional, we're eventually going to be moving and would like our bathroom to be much more modern.

Here are our 5 suggestions for re-doing a small bathroom: 

1. Lots of white!
White floors, white shower, white vanity, white medicine cabinet...the more white, the more open/airy the room feels (as "open" as a tiny bathroom can get, haha!).

2. Penny tile. 
The floor tile we chose is small, which I think makes the room look bigger since we didn't use enormous porcelain tiles.

3. Lots of light. 
We only have the one window in the bathroom, so we compensated by adding ultra-bright recessed lights. Devin says the lights are LED. I think that's code for ultra-bright ;)

4. Clear shower doors. 
I swear having clear glass doors on our shower makes the room feel JUST that much more open.

5. Something for storage. 
Our old bathroom had a pedestal sink, which meant our extra rolls of toilet paper, bathroom scale, trash can, etc. all had to be out in the open. Now, with our vanity storage, we can put those things hidden away under the sink! Another idea for small bathroom storage is open shelving (and maybe cute wicker baskets or mason jars to hold your things?). Also, we switched out one towel bar on the wall for 2 towel hooks so more could be hung on the walls.

Bonus! What we used: 
Tile / Grout / Vanity / Paint

Here's the before & after:

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5 Planter Ideas for Indoor Plants

I was in Home Depot (as always, we basically live there, which I talked about here) and saw some of their $4 house plants, so of course I got can you resist?! But I didn't want to spend more on pots for them, so I tried to get creative. Plus, it feels more like spring with more plants around!

What to use as planter-alternatives:

1. Old candles. You probably won't burn the last 1" of candle at the bottom of the jaw, so scoop it out and plant a houseplant in there! The green and brown "planter" in the picture above was from a candle. 

2. Small buckets & containers from the dollar store/Target's $1 section. (That's what the galvanized bucket is--a $1 score from Target forever ago.)

3. Bowls/dishes you never use. I grabbed an old salsa dish (the white dish above) that we RARELY use and decided it would be a cute planter. 

4. Pretty teacups or mugs. Check your thrift store and I bet you can get some intricate cups/mugs for about $1! Courtney used a teacup with a succulent for our Wild Cedar Co. photo here and I found this inspiration on Pinterest. 

5. Mason jars (or old jelly jars!). Roll some paint around the inside of the clear glass jar so you don't have to look at roots and dirt. Once it dries, fill it up with rocks at the bottom and dirt on top!

5 things you can use as a planter for indoor plants...using things you probably already have! // via @ahopefulhood

If you're looking for actual planters, check out these adorable and modern ones from Oak and Oats!

What do you use as planters? What are some of your favorite indoor plants? Or are you a plant killer ( I used to be!)?

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