Riley's Birth Story

13 February 2020

I'm writing this with a sleeping baby by my side, and once again, I'm struck at the insanity of it all that one day, you're impatiently STILL pregnant. And the next day, your baby is next to you.

I was really hoping to have precious big-siblings-meeting-baby-in-the-hospital photos to share with this post, but instead, I just have those initial OUR BABY IS HERE pictures you take 0.5 seconds after the baby is born that are really appropriate only for sending to your mom and sisters, because maybe your hospital gown is barely on? Anyway, since Aiden and Emma were sick for a whole week after Riley was born, I snapped these photos of me and Riley in the quiet moments we had together while her siblings recovered at their grandparents'.

As I did in Aiden's birth story and in Emma's birth story, I'm going to use chapter titles to help break up this story because helloooo, I am not concise. Grab your favorite snacks (pretzels) and settle in for a lengthy recap of how Riley Kirsten arrived.

Currently | February 2020

07 February 2020

The past month has been really eventful, since it included the arrival of our third baby, Riley Kirsten! A year ago, we were in our old house with two kids, and now everything is different, in the best way. Here is my currently post from last January! I'm still writing up Riley's birth story, and in the meantime, I'll share what we've been up to currently:

Things That Make the Newborn Stage Easier

29 January 2020

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Hello, from the fog-ridden, sleep-deprived trenches of having a new baby! Riley Kirsten is officially here! We had a strange start to this family of 5 life (which I mention here on Instagram) since Aiden and Emma had confirmed cases of the flu and spent Riley's first week of life at their grandparents' house to keep the baby safe from the flu.

So,  I'm only one week into having all three kids at home. But in having a week with just Riley and a week with all three kids, I've come to realize a few key items that are the most helpful!

I don't want to call this "newborn life essentials!" because this is 100% not a list of things you have to have. We lived through having two newborns without these items. But this time round, I have been enjoying a few extras that genuinely make life easier and better. If you have pregnant friends or friends with newborns, you'll win major points for scooping up any of these things for her. If you yourself are expecting and wondering what extra things you might use, this is a tried and true list.

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Neutral Nursery For Baby 3

14 January 2020

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The theme of this nursery is, once again, "bedroom." I made that joke when I was setting up Aiden's nursery (let's have a laugh at the photo quality and my "home decor style" from back then! Ha!!). Just like when I put together his nursery at the old house exactly four years ago, I don't have any woodland creatures. I don't have any florals. I don't have any real theme other than "this is a bedroom."

But since blogger requires a post title, me and my wild burst of inspired creativity have decided to call this a "neutral nursery."