Snapshots from South Carolina

18 October 2018
Should I be sorry for basically just dumping all these photos in one post? Perhaps.....but I am not. ;)

I shared last week about how I made a trip to South Carolina more affordable and how I'm now a STRONG believer in weekend trips away! Visiting with Susannah, Robyn, and Stephanie was such a joy. (If you use Airbnb for the first time, use my referral link and we'll both save some money.) Really, it's not about doing expensive things but who you're with! That's really what made these things so fun. 

There was lots of driving between events and back to our Airbnb house, and we started doing Car Questions (and I'm using capital letters because it's Very Official.) One of us would ask a long-answer question, like "how did you meet your spouse?" or "what does your ideal weekend look like?" and it was so fun getting to know each other even more, hearing each others' answers! Our Car Questions tradition was probably one of my favorite things, even though the destination we were driving to was supposed to be the exciting part!

And now, evidence of all the fun things you can do cheaply when you explore a new place: 

Fall Date Ideas (Or, Enjoy the Outdoors Before It Snows)

16 October 2018

This past week, both little ones have been sick, and it's been so hard to watch them be so unhappy!  After continuously prepping doses of Motrin, offering them applesauce and juice (only to have it rejected 108 times), and holding them close because all they want is to be in your arms.....I am ready for a date night.

(I'm also REALLY thankful they're feeling better.)

I'm ready to get out of the house and leave them in the capable, loving hands of their grandparents. And I'm ready to do all the fall sheeet because, hello, I just spent what felt like YEARS trapped inside with inconsolable small humans.

Of course, I'm really tempted to be cynical about doing fall stuff, when EVERY dang picture in my feed is a baby in a pumpkin patch. But I'm going to stuff that cynicism down and invite Devin to join me on some of these fall-related dates, because repressing your sarcastic side is what all the Be Your Best Self books recommend! (Jk. I wouldn't know. Mostly because I don't read those.) (Also I will probably take the typical kids-in-a-pumpkin-patch photo, too, so go ahead and lump me in with all your #basicmoms.)


6 Tips for a Budget-friendly Fall Weekend Trip

10 October 2018

What a difference a weekend away makes. Hey, settle down, I REALIZE I'm stating the obvious. But it's the truth. You don't need big fancy vacations to feel refreshed, and even just a little time away from regular life of laundry/work/dishes/responsibilities/rinse & repeat feels AMAAAZING.

My blog friends and I had been planning this girls trip for months, thanks to Robyn suggesting it! Stephanie, Susannah, Robyn & I have become such great friends over the years by reading each others' blogs that we decided to finally meet up. We ended up doing a 3-day weekend in her area of South Carolina since she has the real 9-5 job, and it was the perfect area to go. (Of course, the trip was only made possible for me by my husband taking care of our kids from Thursday night til Sunday evening. He is the BEST!)

It was so much fun to hang out with friends for a few days, that I'm convinced everyone needs to do this.

7 Things Nursing Moms Need to Know

28 September 2018

This post is sponsored by Evivo but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Being a mom is a demanding job, and whether you've nourished your little one with formula or with breastmilk, I'm over here cheering for you.

Now that Emma is weeks away from being one, I can say that I've nursed an infant for two full years of my life. I nursed Aiden til he was one, and here I am having nursed Emma for a year. When I first started nursing Aiden, I thought it would be this dreamy, easy process. Which it sort of was. I wasn't chasing a toddler while I sat and fed him and watched Parks and Rec. (That was totally me with Emma, trying to nurse her and keep a toddler happy!) But after my first baby, it was still a hard adjustment for my body and for my expectations. I was the first of my friends to have a baby, so I didn't really know what to expect about nursing.