Joy in the Snowfall

Last week, we had probably our last big snow of the season. When Riley went down for her nap, Aiden, Emma and I headed out for some last big snowy fun before it melted later in the week. This has been a fun year of snow almost every week for a month...and while I normally hate how the snow makes travel difficult and cancels events I want to go to, in a pandemic world, there's nothing to miss out on because of a snowstorm! 

Plus, the kids love it. 

Well, the big kids. 😆

This playhouse has now seen every season of fun: Devin built it last spring, the kids slid down in their bathing suits all summer, we used it in the fall, and here we are in winter: sliding down the big slide into piles of snow. (Not pictured of course! haha). 

It's also crazy to think that last February, there was no snow outside our windows, and Aiden and Emma were "holding" newborn Riley (with the help of her Boppy pillow!). 

Last week was really difficult, and I felt very "stuck" in the Covid-cautious, grandparent-protecting lives we're living. But as I look back at these snapshots of moments filled with laughter in the fluffy snow, how can I not thank God for his kindness and his love, even in the hard times? I'm so grateful for these kids, our health, this yard, and the simple joy of snowfall for us to spend time in together. 

This last one is just a tribute to me living my most awkward life while my five-year-old is TOTALLY over taking pictures and just wants to smash snow with a t-ball bat. Typical. 😉

What are you grateful for this season? 

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