DIY Garden Starters with Kids

This is a really budget-friendly spring activity to try with your kids, and it will lead to your own selection of fresh veggies! Last summer, I had my first ever vegetable garden. Up til last summer, I thought vegetable gardens were ugly and why would you want that in your outdoor space?! Flower gardens? Pretty. Spindly vegetable plants? No thanks. 

And then I realized how EXCITING it is to see your little seeds sprout, to plant those sprouts in the ground, and to gather fresh cucumbers a few months later. 

Now, I'm hooked. 

Last March/April, when our area was totally shut down, Aiden, Emma, and I planted cucumber seeds and tomatoes in whatever old recycling things we could find. It was exciting to see the seeds grow slowly and get ready to plant in the ground! This year? We're doing the same thing except I've expanded our list of vegetables to try planting. 

What we used:

We spent about $7.50 on dirt and about $20 on seeds. That's less than $30, and you'll get fresh vegetables all summer!

What we did:

  1. Prep your workspace with a big container of dirt for the kids to scoop out of on a serving tray. 
  2. Poke holes in the bottoms of your small containers for good drainage.
  3. Open the seed packets and have a few for the kids, out and ready to grab
  4. Show them one example before letting them try: "first I scoop the dirt, then I poke a hole, then I drop the seed in, then I pinch the dirt shut."
  5. Let them at it! Emma got really into this, which is why she is in most of my pictures. Aiden was entertained for a little while, but then he just wanted to go play. 

What spring projects are you doing this year?

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