Currently | February 2020

The past month has been really eventful, since it included the arrival of our third baby, Riley Kirsten! A year ago, we were in our old house with two kids, and now everything is different, in the best way. Here is my currently post from last January! I'm still writing up Riley's birth story, and in the meantime, I'll share what we've been up to currently:

How sweet Aiden and Emma are with their baby sister. I don't worry about leaving Riley in her baby swing while I run to the bathroom, because Aiden and Emma aren't rough with her and don't try and carry her. (I do remind Emma not to touch her while I'm not in the room, but the worst she'd try is to give Riley her pacifier against Riley's will! Haha!) I'm also loving a few key items that make the newborn stage easier, which I blogged about here.

Having all 3 kids home. I shared on Instagram that Aiden and Emma had the flu and spent Riley's first week of life at their grandparents' house. It was a sweet time with Riley but REALLY hard not to have the whole family together. Every day is pretty chaotic with a four-year-old, two-year-old, and newborn, but I'm still just loving having everyone here!

Such yummy meals as friends bring us food (they're the best!). I now have a running list of new dinners to try and recreate: chicken pot pie with crescent roll crusts, chicken enchilada "stew" (a.k.a. baked and messy in the best way!), lentil + sausage soup with sourdough bread...and so many others!

....Riley, literally as I write this post. Babywearing is one of my favorite things about the newborn stage!!! I use a Solly/Boba knockoff babywrap that I got 4 years ago for $30 that still is perfectly stretchy and supportive. Here's a similar one at Walmart that's only $25!

To venture out with 3 kids! Since it's still flu season and I'm traumatized by our experience with illness, we haven't been to the library storytimes or play places that we normally visit! We have had friends over for play dates, but this weekend I am HOPING we can go somewhere. In the meantime, I'll enjoy our slow days at home all together.

What have you been up to currently?

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