Currently | January 2019

I cannot believe I just wrote that as a blog post title, because I've been doing these currently posts since...January 2016. That was days before I had my first baby, and now my second baby is already one. This is crazy. Thanks, Anne, for hosting this fun linkup!

Currently, I'm...

This year I'm choosing to care less about Instagram numbers (the likes, the follower count, all of it), I'm choosing to pick up my phone less, and I'm choosing to read more (of the Bible, and actual real novels.) P.S. Please send all your novel suggestions!! These aren't formal resolutions; they're just things I'm hoping to do more and less of this year!

Aiden's room, specifically, though I'm working on tidying up the whole house. I just talked about the 4 categories of things to get rid of, which is helping me declutter around the house! (Though I dooooo still need to get rid of an old crib mattress, our second crib, and 3902 other things in our storage area upstairs.) Besides purging clutter and old furniture we don't need, I also have been LOVING this robot vaccuum that's under $160 (affiliate link). It does our entire 1,000-square foot first floor without needing to be recharged, and it holds a ton of dog hair. (Gross, I know.) Our German Shepherd sheds CONSTANTLY, so I run this thing twice a day, and it saves me one whole tidying-chore!

To get ready for the day the night before. Again, not a formal resolution. 😉 I've heard before about setting your "future self" up for success, whether it's unloading the dishwasher before bed, or taking your dirty dishes to the sink right away instead of leaving them around for a while, or setting out clothes the night before, or taking the Dunkin cup straight to the trash when you get out of your car, etc. You get my point.

YES. GREAT QUESTION, GLAD YOU ASKED. I want to explore more stuff semi-locally, like new beaches along the Jersey coast (if I say "Jersey coast" instead of "Jersey shore" then I'm automatically fancy, duh). I also want to explore new local coffee shops, new playgrounds, more museums, the Philly zoo (we're getting a membership this year, so get ready for 20-30 posts about it). I've got a whole category for exploring local things here.

Our master bedroom with a brand new bed from Ikea that also has drawers underneath it (so if I ever clear off the top of my dresser, we can purge that extra furniture too!). Also does getting a new entryway rug count as refreshing a living room space? The one in the photo above is new and I LOVE that we aren't tracking dirt everywhere anymore.

Not sure how I ended up writing so much (quick shout out to the 2 napping toddlers that let it happen!), but congrats on making it to the end. Now I want to hear from you!

What are you up to currently? What books did you love last year, and where are you exploring?

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