How to Spend A Morning When Your Oldest Goes to Preschool

Aiden has been BEGGING me to go to school, so when he turned three in January, I signed him up for the most adorable playgroup where some of our friends already had their sons enrolled. Aiden's only doing one morning a week, because I'm cheap and he doesn't reallyyy need to be in school yet. But now me and Emma have some girl time, just us, and what in the world are we supposed to do with it?!

Take pictures in the snow.

(After crushinggg it at Aldi and getting everything for a week's meals in under 20 mins.)

But in reality, I'm trying to think about how she and I can spend that time (don't you dare say I'm being intentional! Don't you put that Christian buzzword on me! I didn't say it! Here's more pet peeves of mine I won't be doing! Ever!). I want my little Em to get to do what SHE wants to do, since the first year of her life was my waking her up from morning naps so we could go to a library story time that Aiden would enjoy. So. That's why we're going to go exploring. I would hereby like the definition of "exploring" to also include "I'm going to let her stick her bare hands in the snow for 0.5 seconds because she seemed like she really wanted to."

Here's to one morning a week of just us girls. I'm looking at you, Em. :)

Are you getting snow where you are? How would you spend newly acquired free time?!

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