Pet Peeves That I Realize Are Ridiculous But Still Bother Me

Sometimes I write random list posts (like 24 adult things I sometimes do and these 8 random facts about me). Buckle up because this here is another random list.

This list of pet peeves may drive me nuts, but if you do them I will love you anyway! I'm not a jerk who is going to give you a hard time about it or who will love you less when you do them. And in the spirit of grace, let's be real, I've done some of these too. Whatever. Let's move on. This list is meant for us to all have a big laugh. It's definitely not supposed to come off meanly.

1. Listing coffee in your profile as if it's an identifying hobby of yours. STOP IT. EVERYONE OVER 50 DRINKS COFFEE AND YOU NEVER HEAR THEM SAY, "Hi, I'm Doris and I just love coffee!"  (Except for the handful of bloggers out there who truly seem to have an interest in all types of coffee. Then it makes sense to list it in your profile. But to the 99,000 other folks out there, stop it.)

2. Calling your husband your hubby. That abbreviation doesn't even make sense. Husby makes sense. Hubby does not.

3. When you slam my car door harder than I deem necessary. It's an old car, so maybe you thought you have to really give it 100% of a wind-up, full force SHOVE to get it to latch, but by that same token it's an old car SO BE GENTLE.

4. Most female vocalists. Unless you have a solid alto voice. Otherwise, save your crooning for the shower and STAY OFF THE FREAKING RADIO.

5. When your sock bunches up in your shoe but you are in a crowd of people and can't stop to fix it, PLUS, what would you say to your friends..."Hold on guys! Sock dilemma! Wait up!" (read that in a nerdy voice to get my full point.)

What are some of your pet peeves? Anything on this list drive you crazy, too?!  😊  

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