Ways to Spend More Time Together Over Dinner

This goes out to all you married couples or all you cute roommates who want to do dinner together.

Non-serious ways to make dinner take longer...including burning your dinner so badly you have no other choice but to go to Wendy's. #marriedlife // via @ahopefulhood

And for visual interest I'm going to include this table-scape that I TRIED to make "fall-ish" and instead it came out kinda Christmasy. My bad, guys. You know I'm all about the Thanksgiving (and friendsgiving and thankfulness).

1. When cooking, burn dinner so badly that you're only option is to go to drop $10 at Wendy's. That way, you're spending more time together in the drive to and from Wendy's AND you can hang out while you eat all the fries you didn't already devour on the drive home.

2. Cook dinner together and bake SUUUPER FROZEN chicken breasts at 350 degrees. This will take approximately 1 hour OR MORE and after that long you will have gotten to spend so much time together! And by then you may have also given up and resorted to the aforementioned trip to Wendy's.

3. Assuming you've successfully made dinner and gotten it on the table, begin discussing these 3 topics which inevitably lead to lengthy conversation: all the books in high school you were supposed to read and didn't, crushed childhood dreams (no, you didn't get to be a firetruck when you grew up), and/or the humorous accuracy of presidential campaign memes. (Go on Instagram and search some of the hashtags. It's comedic gold, no matter who you voted for.)

Bonus: Invite friends over for dinner and when they arrive tell them the oven-roasted turkey only needs 3 more hours to braise. #MichaelScottDinnerParty. Did you not get that joke? You've never seen this episode of The Office?!

You're welcome, everyone.

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