What's In My Coffee Cup

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Does anyone else wonder what people are making when they're holding a mug of coffee in photos? It's a blogger requirement to mention coffee in your profile (one of the many reasons I'm not a real blogger 😉), but now that I actually like coffee I'm super curious! Do you use a French press with beans you grew and roasted yourself? A Keurig? The Starbucks drive thru?

Anyway, my husband is a real coffee drinker and likes the good stuff, which is why he wanted to try making lattes. He used our Amazon credit card points on this espresso machine and these espresso cups. Because we hadn't made espresso before, we also ordered LaVazza espresso grounds (they're ground finer than regular coffee grounds) without really knowing what was good/a good price. Turns out, they taste amazing but the price? Ehhh....

Friends of ours who really do roast their own coffee beans recommended Cafe Bustelo because it's WAY cheaper but still good, and we've never gone back! At Aldi, Cafe Bustelo is $2.88/10 oz, and on Amazon we were paying $6/8oz for LaVazza. Big difference! We store our espresso grounds in mason jars because I'm an aspiring hippie but also because it keeps them fresh. ðŸ˜‰ 

I use 2 oz of coffee creamer mixed with 4 oz of milk in a cup, frothed, and poured recklessly over the espresso. No latte art here! I've tried and it just hasn't worked out haha.

If you're wondering why I'd go through the effort for a latte (since you have to tamp down the espresso grounds and froth milk), let me tell you: all of those extra steps are faster than waiting for a drip coffee maker to brew me coffee.

If you like flavors, our coffee-enthusiast friends gave us this syrup and it was amazinggg.

Now I want to know, how do you do your coffee? Or do you hate coffee like I used to?!

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