How To Have A Stress-Free Week Before Christmas

On my wedding day, I made up my mind to have a good time: whatever happened that day, I was going to have fun, and at the end of the day, I'd be married no matter what other problems popped up (like a thunderstorm 1 hour before my outdoor ceremony was scheduled!). My approach to the holidays is the same: at the end of the day, I don't want to waste energy feeling stressed because I'll have fun, no matter what happens. The point is that we're celebrating that JESUS CAME AS A BABY (it's so crazy, I can't get over it), and that will be exciting even if my Christmas Eve dinner burns and we all have to go to Wendy's. 

I've come up with a 11-item list of how to channel this very zen, very non-flustered attitude as Christmas gets closer. It's inspiring, if I do say so myself. 😉 Especially #3. Skip ahead because that's actually the only pro-life-tip you'll need. 

So. Christmas is 7 days away. Are you READY?!

No? Well, me either. And that's totally fine and we're all not gonna freak out about it. 

Here's how:

  1. Make a list and check it twice. No, for real. Make a to-do list. Just writing everything down will already make you feel productive!

  2. Re-write your list, dividing into two sections: "things I really really should probably do" and "things that won't ruin my life if I don't get them done". Those are long section titles, but it'll help us all evaluate what's crucial (remembering to get groceries BEFORE the Dec. 24 frenzy) and what won't be a life-ruiner if we run out of time (baking 5 dozen cookies to take to your neighbors). 

  3. Make frozen pizza every night leading up to Christmas. Or whatever vegan-Whole-30-paleo-all-natural thing is equally easy. 

  4. Have casual conversations with Jesus about how he's the main point of all this celebrating, anyway. 

  5. Wrap whatever gifts you've gotten before December 24. You'll feel like a rockstar for not doing it the day before. 

  6. Watch this Youtube video. It's not festive, it's funny, and it is the perfect 2-minute break from Christmas-related everything. 

  7. Serving dinner or bringing a side dish? Scan Pinterest for recipes that include things like "EASY" and "IN ONLY 3 STEPS." (It's v clear I give brilliant advice.) I'm hosting my whole family for Christmas Eve dinner, and you better beliiiiieve I will be letting my crockpot make us dinner because Lazy. Meals. Still. Taste. Great. 
  8. On December 23, re-evaluate your to-do list. Do you still need to go grab one more stocking stuffer or dinner ingredient? Get it done on the 23rd because the best life advice I could possibly  give is DO NOT GO OUT ON DECEMBER 24. People hit a new level of desperation in stores with less than 24 hours to Christmas. Don't get in their way, don't go near their parking space, etc. 

  9. Take advantage of the "1-hour photo" option (anywhere you've had success printing pictures before, like Target, Walmart or CVS). Photos in frames make great last-minute gifts, or you could turn the photo into a magnet and --BAM-- you have a cute last-minute gift. 

  10. Sing all the Christmas carols at full volume while you do cooking/present-wrapping. Instant stress-relief!

  11. End the day with a glass of wine & a Christmas movie with a friend/spouse. No phone-scrolling, no bustling around, just sitting and relaxing and enjoying something festive that may or may not have a discernible lesson at the end. (Here's my list of Christmas movies to watch before December 25!)

So, what's your approach to getting ready for Christmas? How do you let go of the pressure people put on themselves around the holidays?

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