catching up // the ceremony pictures

 i took a break from blogging (a.k.a. picture-uploading...) once it came close to the wedding, promising myself i'd start again when i was married (because then i'd have so much more interesting things to write), but whaddya days were a whirlwind of unpacking belongings, cooking dinner, working my summer job, and going on cah-razy adventures with devin! things have settled down a bit--we've stopped camping every other weekend, i have my class schedule memorized, etc--so i think it's time for me to do some catching up.

and where better to start that the wedding day?

my amazing college friends traveled from maine, new hampshire, massachusetts, new york, tennessee, and maryland (am i forgetting something else?) to seee me get married and celebrate the day. it was a wonderful mix of field hockey friends and roommates, who i spent time with on friday, saturday, and on sunday (the big day!). (pictures to come of my college friends and me!)my talented, generous friend erin did my hair and the bridesmaids' hair as well...

the bridesmaids and i met up at a local inn to get ready all together, and i was surprisingly calm after a restful morning of setting up table centerpieces and decorating chairs at our outdoor-ceremony venue. the wedding was to start at 3:00,  but at 2:00, the sky clouded over and let loose a week's worth of pent-up rain. not phased (we had plan B, the indoor site), i just prayed and gave it over to God. by 2:30, the rain had stopped, and the sun even came out! my bridesmaid christie  drove me over in her little green car (no limos for us! we're hard core!) and the rest of the girls met our wedding planner at the bridal suite, as we prepared for the start of my weddingggg! i had forgotten the marriage license, devin's ring, and all of our bouquets in my mom's minivan, which my helpful roommates all ran to get. needless to say, the wedding started a few minutes late.

i'll never forget my dad's nervous smile after all the bridesmaids had walked down the aisle and we knew that we would be next. he looked at me with a few tears in his eyes, and said, "honey, i'm so proud of you."

the ceremony was the closest i have ever felt to Jesus in my entire life. through prayers, communion, worship, and my pastor's short message, i experienced the deepest peace and love, like God was saying, "I'm here with you, just follow me."

me and my sisters before the wedding--waiting for those groomsmen to get into place!

wedding colors: devin's buttoneire 

my mom on the right, devin's on the left

my pastor challenging us to pursue Christ in this new adventure

i was supposed to link MY arm through HIS...oops
to see pictures of our reception, click here

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