the reception

i wrote a little bit about the ceremony, but it's really hard to put into words how special it was. here are a few other things i should have piano teacher (from third grade until i graduated high school) played our music, and she was absolutely amazing. i walked down the aisle to "come thou fount of every blessing," which is one of my favorite hymns, and our mothers walked down to "be thou my vision." (i think hymns are the perfect wedding songs...) and our worship was done by my church's worship leader who sang and played the guitar. devin and i picked "holiness (take my life)" and "your love is strong" (which is by jon foreman).

we took bridal party and family pictures (seen at the bottom) during cocktail hour at the venue's golf course and wooden bridge, and then headed inside, where devin and i made our grand entrance down a the ballroomish staircase, except we had the wedding planner cue us on when to walk (so our DJ could so the big "misterrrrr and missusssss...!!!!") but we started too soon! so we got halfway down the staircase, and they were still introducing bridesmaids and groomsmen, so dev and i had to quickly scurry back up the stairs in hopes that not too many people saw us, but have you ever scurried in a wedding dress with a train? not easy.
our 2nd/REAL grand entrance 

dinner was a buffet so that people could choose exactly what they wanted to eat and how much (but, it was also cheaper), and after getting some great food, we made our way to each table to thank people for coming/to say hi. the kids and teens immediately started dancing and taking full advantage of the photobooth on the mezzanine (aka second floor of the reception area), which was really fun. after going around to each table, devin and i danced with our friends and the wedding party...but we also got down with each other (sadly for everyone else, our dance moves are on par with an unabashed 8th grader's)

picture all your favorite people in one place, with your favorite songs blasting in the background, and everyone is so excited for you. that's what it feels like to be at your reception. aka the most fun everrrr.

the fam
mah sexy bridesmaidz

the groomsmen

the daddy-daughter dance

ashley, megan, me, kelly, anna

my suitemates from college! mallory, erin, me, and sammie

all my college friends

our photographer just got married, too, and moved to florida...otherwise i'd recommend him to all you PA friends!!!


  1. Beautiful lady- I could not be more happy for you. The pictures are amazing! Love you.