Married Life Before & After Having a Baby

What changed in my marriage after having a baby...hint: things are even more fun!

Since today is Valentine's Day, here's a peak into what life has been like as a wife....before we had a baby and afterwards. Devin and I got married at 20 (and I wrote about why that wasn't weird for us here), and we enjoyed 4 years together before Aiden came along.

Before we had a baby, married life included...

1. Taking advantage of happy hours specials almost every date night #cheapskatelife

2.  Tent camping in the summer.

3. Hilarious inside jokes, all the time. 

4. Less tiny socks getting lost in the laundry

5. Going out to meet up with friends

6. Sitting on the porch in rainstorms, talking and wondering what it would be like to have kids

7. Team-building projects like putting up trim & camping out in the dining room as we refinished floors room by room 

8. Admitting when one of us needed help, with chores like laundry and dishes and vacuuming 

After a baby, married life includes...
1. Us still hitting up places with happy hour specials because now we like to go out before Aiden starts to get real grumps (which usually kicks in around his bedtime of 7 pm)

2. Going over friends' houses (so Aiden can go to bed in his pack n play) instead of going out all together unless we have a babysitter 

3. Backyard bonfires, year-round, where we talk about our dreams and what God's doing in our lives

4. No camping, but a vacation of flying to Colorado and hiking with family (last summer)

5. Even more inside jokes as we imitate Aiden and joke about things he does.

6. Tiny socks lost in the laundry all the time. 

7. Team-building projects like holding a FEISTYYY one-year-old still while the other one wipes poop off the baby's butt.

8. Asking for help when you need it after a long day of work or of caring for a baby. 

9. Seeing another side of your spouse: the care they take in rinsing shampoo out of the baby's hair, their silly songs to get the baby to laugh, their selflessness in getting up at 7am on Saturday morning with the baby so you can sleep in.

Having a baby is really the biggest team-building adventure ever. It makes me so, so thankful for Devin, and it's shown me even more how lucky I am to have him as a best friend. He's patient, fun, and always up for an adventure. 

How has a big change affected your relationships? How has having a baby affected your marriage?

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